Once-A-Month Present Threat Case

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Episode 7

TV Episode 7.jpg

Title: Once-A-Month Present Threat Case
Japanese Title: 月いちプレゼント脅迫事件
(Tsukiichi Purezento Kyouhaku Jiken)
Original airdate: February 19, 1996
Season: 1
Manga source: Volume 3: Files 7-10 (026-029)
FUNimation version
English Title: The Case of the Mysterious Gifts
Dubbed episode: Episode 7
English airdate: June 2, 2004
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Professor Agasa
Detective Boys
Shinichi Kudo
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Ball-point pen
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Hirohito Ochi
Technical Director: Hirohito Ochi
Animation Director: Haruo Ogawara
Opening song: Mune ga Dokidoki
Closing song: STEP BY STEP
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Sending Presents

EP7 Case.jpg

Location: Beika City
Person: Masayuki Ogawa
Suspects: Unknown sender
For two years, Dr. Ogawa has been receiving toys and money once a month from an unknown sender. When he received a large sum of ¥25,000,000, he decides to contact Kogoro Mouri.

Meanwhile, Ran is getting way suspicious about Conan's true identity. Ran may have just figured out that Conan is Shinichi.

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[edit] Manga to anime changes

  • In the manga, this story takes place after the Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case, as Ran gets a letter from Natsue who mentions that she and Takeshi are living a more quiet life on the ranch. Natsue tells Ran to give her regards to her "detective boyfriend", which sets up the story. The anime version starts with Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta asking about Shinichi and whether he is Ran's boyfriend.

[edit] Dub changes

  • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
  • Masayuki Ogawa - John Woodman
  • Mr. Ogino - Mr. Oswald
  • Tomoya Ogino - Tommy Oswald
  • Yuta Ogawa - Joseph Woodman

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