The Red Horse within the Flames

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Episode 325-327

TV Episode 325-327.jpg

Title: The Red Horse within the Flames
Japanese Title: 炎の中に赤い馬
(Honō no Naka ni Akai Uma)
Original airdate: June 23, 2003 (The Case)
June 30, 2003 (The Investigation)
July 7, 2003 (The Resolution)
Season: 12
Manga source: Volume 39: Files 1-5 (393-397)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Inspector Yuminaga
Suspects: Takanori Genda, Misao Soga, Keiko Gondo, and Akira Morozumi
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Heiji Hattori
Inspector Yuminaga
Next Conan's Hint: Guan Yu (The Case)
Key holder (The Investigation)
Wine glass (The Resolution)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Masato Sato
Organizer: 325 Chika Ichimaru
326 Kazuyoshi Yokota
327 Chika Ichimaru
Storyboard: 325 Chika Ichimaru
326 Kazuyoshi Yokota
327 Chika Ichimaru
Technical Director: 325 Hideaki Oniwa
326 Nana Harada
327 Minoru Tozawa
Animation Director: 325 Atsushi Aono
326 Izumi Shimura
327 Keiko Sasaki
Opening song: Kaze no lalala
Closing song: Ashita o Yume Mite
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[edit] Case

[edit] Situation

[edit] The Incident

Heiji is asked by Kasukawa to investigate a man who is lurking near the house of Ryoko Morozumi. An arsonist, dubbed the Red Horse after the red horse figurines he leaves behind at the fires, has been burning precincts in order. With the first three having already experienced a fire, and Ryoko's house being on the fourth precinct, they suspect the strange man to be the arsonist. While Kogoro, Conan, and Heiji stalk the house, it catches fire in the middle of the night.

Arson - Murder

EP325-327 Case.jpg

Location: Morozumi household
Victim: Ryoko Morozumi
Cause of death: Burning
Suspects: Takanori Genda, Misao Soga, Keiko Gondo, and Akira Morozumi

There are four suspected to be the arsonist: A salesmen named Takanori Genda, Ryoko's paramour and a Feng shui reader Misao Soga, Ryoko's sister Keiko Gondo, and Ryoko's husband Akira Morozumi. Since the latter three have established alibi's, this leaves Genda as their prime suspect.

[edit] The Investigation

Ran and Kazuha receive a red horse from Genda on the way home. Kogoro realizes that Genda plans to burn the Mouri Detective Agency with Ran and Kazuha in it and rushes home to find out that Genda had been arrested. Ran explains that Genda appeared at the agency asking for the red horse back since it will cause the building to be set ablaze and she called the police due to his strange behavior. Conan and Heiji suspect that while Genda was the cause of the first three fires, the fourth fire might have been created to murder Ryoko while placing the blame on Genda. Conan and Heiji investigate and realize that Genda has been experience psychological problems and that the other three suspects could have manipulated him to cause the fires. They investigate Ryoko's house and realize how the fire was started.

[edit] The Resolution

After investigating Genda's home, they found out that there were covert listening devices planted by Soga and Gondo and realize who the culprit is.

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