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Hey guys, you might know me as the troll who has been messing with the DC sites for a while. I´m this IP and CONANBESTOKID the reason i´m admitting all this and even confessing i´m the account i wish you to ban is because now i want to leave the world of DC and never make any post on anything DC-related again so please ban me and the account i created at Detective Conan World and if i succeded in creating ConanHejiiBestDetectives ban him too. I´m really getting tired of this shit there are lots of important things i could do but instead i choose too attack you for some reason and i could really do something else so ban me so i can´t come here i have already been banned at DCTP and now you just have to ban me at Detective Conan World. Ban my IP and my accounts at Detective Conan World and i will never come back here. Please do it and i stop complaining about DC and just read the series and mind my own bussiness without taking it out on you guys. I understand that you are devoted people who want to read DC seriously and don´t want to waste time on dealing with idiots with no life like me so please ban me. Bye! I had a fun time here but now i have too say goobye. I promise to never sign up here as another IP again here and i really don´t have anything against Fujiwara and Checkhov infact they both seem like great people. I was only trolling when i said all the bad things about them. Fujiwara spends great time translating stuff and Checkhov spends great time by coming up with mind-blowing theories. Now i have too leave this place. I got meet a lot of great people but i understand this is no place for a idiot like me. Bye!