Wataru Takagi (voice actor)

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Wataru Takagi

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 25, 1966
Location: Chiba Prefecture
Voice of: Genta Kojima
Wataru Takagi
Kamen Yaiba
Next Conan's Hint
Keisuke Hara
Black Suit

Wataru Takagi (高木 渉 Takagi Wataru?), born July 25, 1966, is a seiyu from Chiba Prefecture.

In Detective Conan he voices Genta Kojima, Officer Takagi, and various minor characters including the Next Conan's Hint announcer. He was also the voice of Hitode-Otoko (Starfish man), a minor recurring character in Gosho Aoyama's prior series Yaiba

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  • The character Detective Takagi is named after him, but was originally a nameless character. During the recording session for Episode 66, when Inspector Megure asks Takagi to check the bloodstains on the roof, his voice actor Chafurin adlibbed the name "Detective Takagi".
  • Several in-jokes are made in the anime regarding Takagi's numerous roles. For example, in Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Part 1) Genta remarks that Detective Takagi is probably unpopular with girls. At the end of the episode, Takagi announces the Next Conan's Hint in character as Detective Takagi still preoccupied with Sato and Shiratori.

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