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Hi! Im AConanLover and i joined this wiki 1 year ago, i like to edit some chapters that aren´t complete. I hope you like my work :)



Japanese name: ア コ ナ ン ラ ブ ラ
English name: AConanLover
Gender: Male
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 65kg
First appearance:
Flag of Chile.png This user comes from Chile.
Ai Haibara.jpg This user has brown hair.
Microphone 60px.jpg This user wears glasses.
KAZUHEI.png This user's favorite couple is Heiji and Kazuha
Conan Edogawa Profile.jpg This user Watches the Detective Conan Anime.
Shinichi Kudo.jpg This user's Favourite Character is Shinichi Kudo.
Misao Yamamura.jpg This user's Least Favourite Character is Misao Yamamura.
EP8 Case.jpg This user's Favourite Episode is Art Museum Owner Murder Case.
Garnet Crow - Namida no Yesterday.jpg This user's favourite opening is Namida no Yesterday.