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Movie where Mitshuiko said he liked Ai.[edit]

DISCUSSION PAGE! I for one support this page. What was the movie where Mitshuiko said he liked Ai. --Cheesus 21:16, 27 March 2011 (UTC)

I think it was Movie 5. It is the same one where Ayumi tells Ran she likes Conan and wants Ran to tell Conan to focus on someone his own age group. Chekhov MacGuffin talk 21:20, 27 March 2011 (UTC)

Cleanup tag[edit]

The article needs to be made more objective and less of a "fan page" gushing about the Mitsuhiko Ai pairing. Edits for word choice and conciseness are needed. Chekhov MacGuffin talk 19:14, 11 May 2012 (UTC)


The following is a brief summary of the changes that I have (and haven't) made to this article, for reference purpose.

What I did[edit]

  • I removed a large amount of extraneous contents which originally took up about 40% of the whole page: specifically the characters' random/irrelevant activities that have nothing to do with their relationship (nor can be counted as "moments"), also a lot of quoted dialogue abuses (I only kept the most notable and important ones, otherwise I would just remove or write them with indirect narrations). Such contents can be found in history archives, I can't list them here since there're just too many of them. If anyone thinks that something I deleted needs to be brought back, they can discuss it in this talk page.
  • I also rewrote most sections with better wording and made them as concise as possible.
  • Verified most contents of the page and rewrote with more accuracy, since many facts were "stretched out" with bias.
  • Checked spelling, typo, grammar in general.
  • About the style, I just followed Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri and other articles.

What I didn't[edit]

  • Check my own spelling/grammar (not a native English speaker, sorry :p). I tried to make as few mistakes as possible though...
  • I couldn't find a way to verify this part (marked with "Citation needed" tag) in the Relationship analysis section: "She, in some episodes, also shows more confidence with Mitsuhiko than with Ayumi or Genta."
I haven't seen any evidence showing that Haibara has more confidence with Mitsu than the other kids. Since the original writer used the phrase "in some episodes", I expect that there must be at least one case, but I just can't find it (perhaps in some AOs?)

BLACK DEMON | Reply 08:39, 4 September 2013 (PDT)