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Episode 853-854
(Int. Episode 908-909)

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Title: Memories from Sakura Class
Japanese title: サクラ組の思い出
(Sakura-gumi no Omoide)
Original airdate: March 18, 2017 (Ran GIRL)
March 25, 2017 (Shinichi BOY)
Broadcast rating: 7.7%
Manga case: #266
Season: 26
Manga source: Volume 87: Files 6-9 (921-924)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Masumi Sera
Yukiko Kudo
Yusaku Kudo
Eri Kisaki
Kogoro Mouri
Juzo Megure
Case solved by: Yusaku Kudo
Next Conan's Hint: Nameplate (Ran GIRL)
Colored paper (Shinichi BOY)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Organizer: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Episode director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo and Seiji Muta (supervisors)
Nobuyuki Iwai (Chief)
853: Ayu Imoto, Asuka Tsubuki, Kanako Ono, Tomoko Fukunaga, and Keiko Sasaki
854: Kosei Takahashi, Masakazu Yamazaki, Mina Otaka, Keiko Sasaki, and Kanako Ono
Character design: Masatomo Sudo
Nobuyuki Iwai
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Opening song: Ikusen no Meikyū de Ikusen no Nazo o Toite
Closing song: YESTERDAY LOVE
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Memories from Sakura Class (サクラ組の思い出 Sakura-gumi no Omoide?) is the 853rd and 854th episode of the Detective Conan anime.




Ran, Sonoko, and Masumi follow Conan as he leads them to an alternate route. It seems Conan wanted Ran to see the Cherry Blossoms. A petal falls on Conan's nose. Ran picks it up and reminisces the first time she met Shinichi. She wonders if Shinichi knows that she hated him the first time she met him.


This part emphasises on Ran's perception of the story.

Thirteen years ago, Eri is still married to Kogoro. It is Kogoro's first day at the headquarters and she is searching for Ran's Sakura Badge for pre-school. Kogoro accidentally steps on it and breaks it, so Eri makes Ran a temporary one using colored paper and cardboard.

Meanwhile, a man and a woman are heard talking over something. Their faces are not yet revealed. He says, "She isn't going to come back." Not bothered at all, the woman tells him to "reset everything" and that "there are no time constraints to starting over".

In another scene, Yusaku is in book-signing event where a fan admires his writing that says that she liked one of the last lines of the wandering woman detective in his story: "There are no time constraints to starting over." She hails from Hokkaido. Yukiko calls Yusaku to inform that Shinichi's pre-school badge is missing. Yusaku accidently brought everything that was on his desk, including the badge.

Ran's paper badge is admired by Sonoko in school, but some guys don't seem too happy about it. Sonoko and one of them get into a fight over Ran's badge, which is resolved by their teacher, Ronsuke Efune. Unfortunately, Ran's badge is all crumpled up but she says that she can make it again since she saw her mom make it.

While everyone is sleeping, Ran is struggling to make her badge out of paper again. This is when Shinichi approaches her. "It's a Cherry Blossom, right?", he says. Upon Ran asking why, he presents his deduction. By the time he finishes, everyone is listening and amused. But Ran doesn't seem too flattered by someone who called her a "crybaby". Sonoko admires him but Ran tries to refute his claim exclaiming that she wasn't crying. Yukiko arrives and scolds Shinichi for running away and losing his badge. Shinichi says that he was telling Ran to make a new one for him. Yukiko recognizes Ran as Eri's daughter. Ran asks for Shinichi name and writes it on the badge, telling him that he can keep it, but he has to promise that Ran is not a crybaby so he won't ever call her that.

Back to the present, Ran says that she couldn't digest the fact that Shinichi being just a kid himself like everyone was acting all like an adult. She was actually crying because the badge her mom made for her was ruined. At that time, she couldn't understand the real reason why Shinichi asked her to make a badge for him.

Another day in the school, Shinichi catches Efune staring at Ran while singing. Sonoko claims that Efune can do that since he's the teacher and very popular, so much that many kids want to marry him when they grow up. Upon asking if she likes Efune, Ran shies away from Shinichi shouting why would she tell him that.

Later that day, Shinichi confronts Efune regarding some inconsistencies he found in his behavior towards Ran. He presents his questions: Why would he hold her hand when they cross the street? Why would he let her slide first in the park? Why would the location of the park be changed to a distant one without any reason? Why does Ran only have a designated spot for sleeping? He concludes that Efune is trying to win her over and do bad things to her. Efune states his reasons: He holds her hand because one time she lost the way and ended up on the other side of town in Haido City. He lets her slide first because she always ends up letting everybody go first and doesn't get to slide herself sometimes. And she sleeps where she does because it is nearest to the bathroom as one time she was sleeping so far away that she didn't make it. He says that he'll state his reasons for switching the park the next day.

Shinichi BOY

Ran says that Shinichi actually pretended to solve her 'Sakura badge' case, when he had seen her being bullied and thus knew everything from the beginning. Conan's perspective of the story is explored in this episode. Back then, all he saw through the glass was a girl who was upset because she had something taken from her and the word 'outsider'. "It was the first time I had made a heart-pounding deduction.", he speaks to himself and continues to narrate his side of the story.

The story goes back to the scene when everything started. Yukiko is searching for Shinichi's badge and calls Yusaku to enquire about it. Meanwhile, Shinichi is lost in a mystery book. He reads, "If one simply knocks out all the central inferences, and presents one's audience with the starting-point and conclusion, one may produce a startling, though possibly a meretricious, effect." Shinichi seems typically embarrassed about wearing glasses when his mother tells him that he will end up wearing them if he reads in the dark.

They leave to Yusaku's book-signing event where Yusaku hands-over the badge and Shinichi clips it to his shirt. Shinichi and his mother arrive next at Beika Pre-school. Efune is carrying out the formalities for Shinichi joining pre-school. Wandering in search of the library, Shinichi ends up opening the doors to the room Ran and others are sleeping in. His first reaction is to be shocked at the sight of so many children lying in rows, which he mistook for a morgue from a scene he saw in a movie. He walks by the sleeping children and finds Ran crying. He sees her uniform missing a badge. He looks at the folds she is making from a distance and accurately deduces it to be a Cherry Blossom Petal from when he saw his dad making stars for decorating the Christmas Tree. He's embarrassed to ask her if he's right. When he tries to speak, he sees a badge made of paper. "What was taken from her wasn't a plastic badge.", he realises. He removes his own badge and all while maintaining his serious expression, tells her, "Make me one, too. (Pause) It's a cherry blossom, right?" He is worried if he's wrong in his deduction. Ran asks him how did he know that. Shinichi thinks she is making of him and explains his deduction, additionally calling her a 'crybaby'. Everyone is amused but Ran is mad at him. "I'm not a crybaby." She exclaims. Shinichi argues that she was crying, but Ran is insistent that she wasn't. That's when Yukiko finds Shinichi and starts scolding him. Shinichi tells her that he lost his nametag while he hides it in his pocket. The situation plays out like Ran's viewpoint, except only that Shinichi notices Efune staring darkly at Ran.

That day Shinichi explains to his parents why he finds that something is wrong with his new teacher Efune. Yukiko teases Shinchi that he's just being jealous because his teacher gives all his attention to Ran. Yusaku, however, thinks that there is a problem if Efune is playing favorites. He enquires if Shinichi had asked his teacher about his weird behavior. Shinichi tells the reasons Efune explained him earlier. Yusaku finally asks if Ran is the last one to wake up from sleep, to which Shinichi replies yes. Yusaku apparently has a fan from Hokkaido who shares her surname "Efune" with Shinichi's teacher.

The next day continues to Ran telling Sonoko about her mom scolding her for bullying. Only this time, a detective watches a suspicious figure in a car taking a photo of the kids. In the next scene in Beika Park where Efune explains his reason to Shinichi for changing their park, the detective watches the suspicious figure behind Efune's wife handing her the camera. The detective is none other than Yusaku.


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    • Ronsuke Efune (江船 論介)'s name comes from "aprons" (エプロン, epuron), which are worn by kindergarten teachers in Japan.[1]
    • The painting about flowers in Mori family's former apartment is from Karahashi Group's lobby in Conan Cornered in the Darkness and reappears in the house from Picking Wild Plants and Clovers. Open spoiler box to see images.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) Records de la classe dels cirerers (La Ran de petita) / (En Shinichi de petit) Memories of the cherry blossom class (Child Ran) / (Child Shinichi)
    Flag of Thailand Thai ความทรงจำแห่งห้องเรียนซากุระ รันเกิร์ล/ชินอิจิบอย The Memories of Cherry Blossom class (Ran GIRL)/(Shinichi BOY)
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Hồi ức lớp hoa anh đào (Ran GIRL)
    Hồi ức lớp hoa anh đào (Shinichi BOY)


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