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It's my 10 year anniversary on DCW and I forgot that we can message people here. Apparently, I haven't replied to people's messages for 3 years and now that I know I want to but its too awkward :V


OMM: A nuclear extinction event will probably be humanity's good ending :rolleyes:

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Thinking about the future. And what's for dinner. And why emojis aren't allowed in forum posts :0



On 1/12/2024 at 11:43 AM, machine said:

So @Akazora and I adopted a kitten like 2 months ago

Her name is Ginkgo 8689d946229b154a952a50dd4030d81493f80b68



SHE'S SO LOVELY!! My favorite plant is literally ginkgo and AAAA it suits her eyes so well! congratulations on the new babie (  ≧ᗜ≦)⸝♡

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I started office renovation recently and I'm thinking about new door sign in my office. I found cool custom decor signs here bsign-store.com, their door signs look very stylish and they use only natural materials. I checked designers magazines and online platforms with various design ideas. Now I'm thinking on hiring pro designer who will help me to create a cohesive design plan, suggest appropriate materials and finishes, and guide me through the whole renovation process. Hope I'll finish the renovation in a month or so.

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