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8 hours ago, Shreevatsa said:

NBA sucks Slam Dunk is better....

This thread might not be for you then.




I bet it was due to to the traveling, honestly. He's always had knee problems, and his body was one of the reasons he didn't get back into coaching again. I'm happy for Kobe on his jerseys being retired. Well deserved. That was an exciting game to watch, especially down the stretch. KD makes it look so easy, but the Lakers missing 13 FT's just killed them. I also thought our defense was pretty good considering KD, Klay, etc didn't have a good shooting night. Last thing: you can tell Lonzo is taking defense more seriously now compared to October, and his defense on KD on that last shot was good, especially for a rookie. Games like these give you a glimpse of how good the Lakers will be in a few years.


Melo with 4 points....yikes. The system is just awful in OKC. Donovan could take some notes from D'Antoni, and what he's doing with CP3/Harden and the Rockets. OKC should be lucky Denver's defense in that game was poor. 

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im betting that CP3 will be injured during the playoffs

its just how he is

not wishing it but it seems

in a few years it will be nice for the lakers, but you wont keep all those drafted

hope they dont bring back lopez and KCP

one is just another useless center while i dont want the other to take a young players spot


and whats worse, PG13 is suffering cause of the system in place

this wont look good come summer time when they get dealt with 

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Let's hope not. CP3 can be annoying at times, but he's still a great player, so I hope he can have a healthy playoff run.


that's a good thing though, as long as those laker pieces develop nicely to help trade value. kuzma went off for 38 points tonight. stud.




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Hopefully Lopez is gone soon. The second unit is really good right now, but yeah Kuzma is definitely starter material. 

2018 and 2019 gonna be interesting for the Lakers. They are in a much better position to acquire free agents compared to a few years ago when they had little to no pieces.

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i think julius is going to be trades at the end

they gonna wait for PG13s move to see whats up

check this, the list of big men from the 50s till 2010s

mikan, wilt, karemm, divac, shaq, bynum, gasol

all time all timers

bynum could have been but was stupid

the exception

then we get dwight, hibert, boozer, lopez

my god how bad

granted boozer was a good big man but started to become a shooter instead of going down low and that was his downfall

im starting to think that we might have made a mistake with ball

lack of spirit is bothersome, regardless of the last few

i would go with zubac at C ad rotate with kuzma





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I could definitely see Randle being traded out of the group. He's a good player, but not worth the money he's eventually gonna ask for.

Bynum was definitely an idiot lol he had potential and blew it


gonna be interesting with the PG13 situation. they prob don't have plans to trade him now, but if this horrible play continues, I could see him being traded. They definitely don't want to lose another all star for nothing during free agency again. Don't want that reputation.

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im sure he is gonna ask for 20M a year, you see guys like tristan thompson getting that much and take lebron away from him he is a very poor mans deandre jordan

the lakers should just wait out this PG13 thing

they will land him eventually 

be it winter or summer 


you know who else wasted his talents

michael beasley

i always liked him but his head is just so full of gremlins and leprechauns and elves and what not having  a party

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lmao let beasley off the hook he just had a big game haha but prob true.

randle will likely ask for something around that price range, but he's not worth it. tristan thompson def not worth his contract, but the cavs were desperate but we're better because it won't kill us if we lose randle.


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players ask for absurd amounts these years

i get that the cap has gone up but still its too much

im thinking it might hurt us

now lets see what i mean by this

players in this new generation are 90% or more one and done

tat means they just ball without learning

thats why we see slow 3-4 years of adjustments

i think he has developed and matured now

can we take a look at guys like PG13, hayward, TMac, KG, Kobe, steph

they needed time some more then others but they came out

we saw DLo play good this year, okafor will be of big help

maybe randle should consider joining them and start their own young big 3

if that ever happens

think about this

the nets ave all their pick and soomehow ended with the players that were higly drafted ...crazy

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It's really been their defense that's made lose these past few games.


In regards to the KD stuff, I initially thought the first one was clean, while the second could've been called by the ref either way. 

Regardless if they were fouls or not, other players besides Bron/Love should've stepped up in crucial time. TT and JR Smith really useless.



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I mean they could go down that route too, that's if they wanted DeAndre Jordan, and wanted to trade Thomas as well. Only thing I'd consider is if a draft pick would have to be included in that trade..considering the Cavs have previously said they wanted to hold onto that pick (aka we don't know Lebron's 2018 plans.) It would help relieve some issues in the paint if they got Jordan, but it's not enough. If they don't find a way to get some real talent, they don't have a realistic shot at winning the title. Still don't see how anyone beats the Warriors 4 times anyway. Let's say they keep Thomas, right? and lose again in the finals...where everyone is healthy...If I'm LeBron....I would seriously consider leaving. 


Come to LA, Bron! haha.

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having love and jordan rebound beside lebron would be amazing

i see the warriors getting crushed their big time

but there is still the matter of scoring then

the way steph opens up klay and KD i see them making more than missing

then there is green

if i were thompson i would want to go to LA in some way

he will have a kid

his baby mama is who she is

i personally would keep jordan

but if he wants out then you got to get a player that would love to stay


if every team is heathy

i see the gsw finishing 16-1 maybe 16-2


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18 hours ago, Shreevatsa said:

Even Buzzer Beater is much better IMHO than watching Niggas play basketball:lol:

1.) Don't use that word on this site.

2.) If you don't care for basketball, then please stop inserting yourself into this discussion. It's annoying. 

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