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There was some noise about the Cavs resting their guys augainst Memphis, how did you feel?


Lakers finally got a win in December (thank god) injuries have hindered them though so hopefully they get the full strength


Embiid looks like the ROY so far


The Knicks are 4th in the East, same record as the Celtics for 3rd...big year so far for Rose it's great to see Rose productive after all those injuries I've always been a fan


GSW still looks good, so nothing new there



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Here is the thing

Im all for resting players like every 10th-15th game depending on the flight sched.

The guys feel tired and pain. And do folks realize how much training in between there is. They are entertainment vut still human. There is no reason to push beyond that point and get hurt.

Its sad that the fans wont be able to see them but what you gonna do.

Im still waiting for gsw to rest their players

And they should


D is not looking good

They should bring in kobe when they come back to LA for the long HS 

Show them at least mam to man D

But the future is bright

Gad the lakers sign KD there wouldnt be any probs like this

He could close the game


Kid reminds of hakeem 

Its just

I hope he can play more minutes in the future and not be limitet cause of past injuries

Which brings me to

The lakers should trade deng for noel

That would be sweet at this moment


The east is all kinds of crazy right now

1,2 are a clear guess

But the rest...

The knicks are worse then what i expected

Noah isnt playing the way i thought he would and thats a drag for them

But i do like the bucks

Giannis is in 2 years the next lebron


They should at some point give the bench more games 

Get some d leaguers

And rest the 4 superstars they have


Have you seen the cba agreement

My god

Apsurd amount

And to break up gsw

Will anyone take a pay cut


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Warriors/Cavs was a really good Christmas game...warriors blew a 14 point lead. Kyrie hitting big shots.


Woo that dunk by Jefferson on Klay haha



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the refs suck

they made like a bunch of stupid mistakes

still you cant blow a 14pt lead

play brutal D in the 4th

kyrie sucks without lebron

he cant beat anyone

and this is a testament to how great lebron really is 


man did he dunked on him


but before he got a T...for dunking...wtf

but that last play should have been a foul

its not like last year KD didnt get called for a less then this one, the 2 FTs  that iggy made for OT

i really really hate the refs in games like these

i think like green and someone got tangled below the rim and the ref there called it but went to the one at the center line to ask what did you see

i think warriors are talent vise better but in their heads they are weak

and most of those TOs are zazas fault

just catch the damn ball

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Yeah the refs need to do a better job on calling big games.


Kyrie had a big game against the Celtics last night. Still feel like there's no real threat to the Cavs yet in the East (as of right now.)

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Man the Warriors should've beat the Grizzlies last night


Up by 2 and KD goes into ISO


Draymond was NOT happy about that...even if it was a designed play you could tell he wanted the ball in Curry's hands


Good win for the Lakers, about time they don't blow a lead for once


Bucks had a really good game against the Knicks, got the W



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Its fine. They are a great team and will figure something out at the end of the season. But Green was right, Steph and KD should play more pick and pops/roll/go/oops.

At this point i think the ball should be in KDs hands, just so that he can make something that will break the blockade in his head. But Steph has to play better too, not just score.


Im happy and angry with the lakers. Ok they are still a work in progress but at this point you gots to play some D better


Bucks need more depth then this

Parker and Giannis aint enough


So im wondering what the cavs will be like now

will JR fit in with Korver


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They'll be fine, but Draymond was right, which made it funny lol plus KD is dumb for that play, you're 6'10 and have z-bo on you, take it to the basket, not pull up smh


The defense is a work in progress. Just gotta deal with the growing pains until the team starts clicking in a few years


I like the Korver trade. Very good pickup. He should be able to get off plenty of 3's within that offense



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I guess he is still cleansing him self from the OKC plays they drew for him.

He will be better once the playoffs start


Im for not trading any of the players except Mozgov, deng, mo, nick

i would love if we kept the young ones


maybe while JR is out

the thing is JR plays a lot, who knows how they will work efficiently when having to share minutes 

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The young core should stay in tact. I think Randle has looked the best out of the 4 guys this year, IMO


They had good timing on this trade since JR is out. Feel bad for JR, first his thumb, and now his family issues, hope he gets past all of this.

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Time to bring this back from the dead! aaaaaand....go!


I'm loving how aggressive Porzingis has been so far into the season. He's clearly THE guy to build around.


Even though it's only November, Cavs don't look too good. Yeah, they'll make the finals, but this team just looks uninspired on the court. I'm not sold on D-Wade, D-Rose, Thomas, etc. All liabilities on defense. Don't think Bron can carry this team again to a W in the finals, the Warriors should clean them up again no doubt.


One team I do like: 76ers. Ben Simmons is a stud man. He looks better right now that what most people expected. Embiid looks good too. If they can just stay healthy, they'll be nice.


Lakers 3-4. Good win against the Pistons (who have beaten quality teams this year). I'm a Kuzma fan (he was great in the Summer League), and I think Ball will get better throughout the season. Same goes for Ingram. Gonna be an interesting season to watch.


Giannis: Monster.


Celtics started slow (offense, hayward injury, etc), but are hitting their stride right now. 6-2.


Surprise team right now: Orlando Magic. Playing really well. 6-2. 

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Porzingis is a bigger and nimbler version of Dirk, and dirk was great in his day


The only reason they will get to the finals is because no east team is constructed like the best of the west, so its easy for him to take them over with little help

if by some chance gsw and cavs play in the finals, the gsw will score on them with ease

steph would just score on IT all game long

and im not sure that IT would be able to hit back because its a different team then boston

also i wish he would play for the money and not ring

you see guys like JR getting green, while having a PER of  -0.1

that is apsurd, -0.1

Rose has been playing well but sucks on D



simmons looks like magic, hovering over everyone

embiid kinda has a reserved role this season but i guess that cause more players are back

fultz sucks, i dont want to say this

but he might be one of their high bust picks



kuzma continues to impress

hope he gets to start

a lot is writing for ingram thi season

ball can pas and grab but he cant score

thats a shame 


giannis is so long and athletic

he walks in the paint and lays it in


boston will fight till the end but wont do much


orlando has become a good team

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Yeah JR has been horrible this year. They put a minutes restriction on Embiid that's why. 


I don't think Fultz is a bust, he has a shoulder injury. Gotta let him rehab then we can see.


Ball needs to be more aggressive. You can be the greatest passer, but no PG in this league should have two shot attempts. Unacceptable. Needs to work on that shot as well.


Celtics looking good especially after that win last night against OKC. Especially on the defensive end, where everyone thought it would take a step back. 

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how are the gonna win if he is restricted


well, injuries or not

i dont like his game

could be wrong


ball is lucky

great playmaking skills but is lucky as hell


boston is amazing, their couch is great

i hope he, like pop, exposes the cavs weekness 



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He's playing 25-30 mins and they've won 4 out of their last 5 games. They're just being cautious with him, even if he may not like it. I'm sure it'll increase. Remember, they have Simmons, Covington, Saric, etc. 


He can't really be a bust yet he's played four games. That's why his FG% was so low I'm sure the shoulder injury didn't help.



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Yeah Ingram has been solid so far this year. Shooting well.


Lonzo looked bad a few days ago. 1-8 on 3PT 3/13 FG 


right he can be a really good playmaker, but he needs to hit the gym and work on that shot cuz 


Cavs got the win against the Bucks, but that defense is still bad


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I'm not a fan of what they're doing. Like a one pass offense. No flow. Like you said, no ball movement.



Still waiting on the Wizards to go to the next level. All talk.


Porzingis ballin this year. 



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No way we don't need Noah lol


Deng is looking for a trade or buyout


Honestly one of the Laker mistakes in the past few years. That contract was bad. 

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the buyout is not cheep, that why i suggest a Russian rulet type of luck with noah


now the lakers might loose randel, which is a shame cause he plays good this season


the cavs suck  

lost to houston whos best players shot bad and has or the had 3 players in rotation for the game and thats just to rest the starters a bit


okc needs to fire donovan and find someone else


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We don't need any players like Noah


They expected an amnesty in the new CBA but got their hopes up


Those deng/mozgov deals are exactly why I'm glad Buss and Kupchak are gone. Boneheads. Signing two older guys to those big contracts.


At this point, it's just expected that the Cavs lose.


OKC is a mess. No team ball at all. Donovan needs to shoulder the blame. 

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