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This or That

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This is basically The same with which do you prefer but what you ask must have connection with the one you chose.

eg. pie, sushi, japan, country, earth, sea...

apple or pie?

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CarpetCrawlerd16c4689.gif... more amusing I guess?073.gif


Detective kaoko or tacticalwolf

By the way, why are you always somehow comparing (or connecting) me with Kiel (Tacticwolf)efb50fe2.gif? I saw something similar to this in some other forums... I forgot what it was... like I am, Donkey Kongbikep1.gif... or something like that...

detectiveRJB (mysterious person) or Mauricesillyp1.gif?

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CC or Sissy

(sounds similar to me)

CC... (no idea what it isac0d5cff.gif... oh well...) Plus... you didn't answer my question abovekiddy.gif!

Detective Conan World (DCW)... or Detective Conan Translation Project (DCTP)07baa27a.gif?

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