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The Three Arrows Game

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Just a fun game I saw on another website

So basically, this is how it goes:

^ Answer the person above you.

< Write something about yourelf.

v Say something about the person below you.


Person 1:

^ *no one above, not applicable*

< I'm a gamer.

v is a one hardcore shipper.

Person 2:

^ yes, maybe a little.

< my playstation won't work.

v is spacing out.

Easy right?

I'll start then..


^ N/A

< Is really, really bored.

v Just ate breakfast.

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^ I hope I don't >.<  I just prefer to keep confidential things hidden!

< Likes to give candy to everyone!

v Is an otaku? ^.^ Or just a fanboy/ fangirl?

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^ Never really bothered with both (I have other tastes for anime). Also, OTP is One True Pairing, basically just your favourite couple.

< Is most likely younger than you

v Fav movie? 

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