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  1. 1. Who Will Initiate the Kiss?

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hope there isn't another topic like this and im too lazy to check so sorry if there is XD
anyway this series is giving us more questions then answers for a bunch of things so why not make random predictions of what might happen in the future and see if we're right XD
NOTE: it doesn't have to be a big plot progression it can just be a simple event that you think might happen, let's just all have fun guessing!
My Predictions
1) Gosho said in an interview that Ran and Shinichi will kiss, i think Ran will initiate the first kiss XD (i don't think shinichi is brave enough but he did confess in london so maybe ill be wrong)
2) Judging by how protective Vermouth is of Shinichi and Ran (doesn't want them to get hurt) i believe she will betray the organization eventually
3) I think Bourbon is a good guy because i remember in one episode Vermouth was saying something about a promise with Bourbon and i think that promise was to keep Conan and Ran safe (or something like that, He's saved them a few times)
4) Something big will happen on Ran's birthday (this is more of me hoping then predicting XD)
and i can't think of anything else right now

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1. I think Shinichi will do the first kiss :P

2. I also think Vermouth wikk betray the organization to protect Conan and Ran

3. Big case will happen on Ran's birthday. (Gosho said he will make something special to celebrate this day)

4. Bourbon hates Akai because he also loves Akemi and Akai caused her death. Bourbon seems to stay close to Ran (Ran looks like Akemi)

5. Shiho and Gin were some kind lover, Gin was not so bad at first but he changed (maybe he did something bad to her), so Shiho scares and hates him so much.

6. Sera's sister was also shrunk by the drug.

These are just prediction. How about you guys? :D

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I think both Ran and Shinichi will mutialially iniatite the kiss. I think Shininich, when he appears again, will ask her out on a romantic date. Like he did before but got distracted by a case. But this time he is fully focused on Ran. They have a deep exchange and kiss in a romantic setting.

Then Ran dissappears....

Jokes Shinich does. And cones and Conan crys with Ran. Thinking about telling her the truth.

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