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    Random Predictions

    my prediction is Araide sensei is the boss )
  2. ivyvan604

    Ran vs Kazuha: Who do you think will win?

    Ran was able to avoid Sera's kick and even Sera herself think that Ran as expected is the number 1 of Kanto, if Ran's weaker then she would have been hit by Sera. Ran can solve several case by herself but Kazuha hasn't. Kazuha is skilled in Akido, but she didn't win any prize at all, but Ran won many times before. Besides, i'm not sure about comparing Karate and Akido, they're not the same. But if they actually have a friendly fight then again, i think Ran wins.
  3. ivyvan604

    Describe Ran Mouri in one word

    Unpredictable )
  4. ivyvan604

    Reason why u still read DC after so long?

    Because i want to know who the boss is and the love between couples are so cute
  5. ivyvan604

    Ran vs Kazuha: Who do you think will win?

    I think Ran wins. I don't think Kazuha 's smater. Ran can be incredible when she wants to. If Ran wants, no one can stop her, even Shinichi or Vermouth . Besides, Ran has taken down so many bad guys and she fights equally with Sera.
  6. ivyvan604

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    same here too:x i don't know why i can't vote. Shin-Ran is the best. The way when Shin's with Ran is totally different when he's with Ai. With Ai, Shin only talks about business. With Ran, Shin talks about his passion, his interests, i can see he's really comfortable when talking with Ran but really serious when discussing with Ai (most of their story's about BO). Shin protects Ai anytime and everytime but obviously he protects anybody, that's his personality. But when it comes to dead, he will choose to sacrifice himself to save Ran, not Ai but Ran ( Serial bomer case ). The only hope in his mind is that Ran's school will be safe, which mean he doesn't care if the bomb's near Ai because he only thought about Ran... it's just weird when you don't let any guy aproach your girlfriend, ask her to wait for you and then you end up with another girl? That's not like Gosho at all As for Ai, she will find her own happiness
  7. ivyvan604

    Describe Ran Mouri in one word

  8. ivyvan604

    Help me recognize these pics please!!

    OMG thank you so muchhhhhhh i really appreciate this. I'm a huge Ran-fan and Shinran fan too
  9. ivyvan604

    Help me recognize these pics please!!

    Can anyone please tell me which episode include these pics?? I tried to search but i can't find them anywhere! If you know please tell me. Thank you so much
  10. ivyvan604

    I want (Ran / Haibara) to be with Shinichi

    Ran of course go go goooooooo!! cutest couple in DC!!