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Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

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In my opinion, Haibara's relationship with Conan is platonic, or maybe a mutual respect, perhaps partnership. I also like to think that the two were bonded through their similar experience and situation in shrinking and being hunted by the Organization or their skill set, which works well together. Though currently that is all there is between them, people grow and change, and with the similarity between Haibara and Conan, it is possible for their partnership to become more.


As for Shinichi and Ran, it is a more platonic-romantic relationship, a relationship developed from friendship, now that they are officially dating. But right now, you can consider it a relationship built on lies, and we all know how well those go. However, with such a strong foundation of friendship in their past it is possible for Ran to not react badly as the truth came out. Though not highly possible, I'd say the possibility is 50/50, between reacting badly and rejecting Shinichi and accepting the whole ordeal, as Ran can be quite emotional, however she have shown that she is also a logical and accepting person.


So, in the end, I am neutral in the entire ship-thing. I have basically no preference and as long as a fanfic is a good read, I like it.

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I wish shinichi would end up with shiho. But i understand that in the end shinichi would likely end up with ran. Shinichi and ran always have this deep bound between their hearts, but i couldn't ignore the fact that the shinshiho relationship is getting deeper as the time goes. What i like most is actually how gosho aoyama put the love stories in a smooth manner. I like how everything's progressing especially for shinichi and shiho. And the fact that shinichi and ran already being a couple while it has not reach the final chapter yet, i kinda wish the ending would be different. :D

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haibara obviously I mean have you seen ending 60?? I feel so bad for her because even tho she likes conan and even tho she probably wants to stay as haibara instead of returning to her original form she still works so hard to create the antidote just so conan can see ran as shinichi again. she really loves conan but she still keeps quiet because she loves him and doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and because she respects ran since she looks a lot like akemi. conan is the most person she trusts since they basically don’t keep any secrets from each other yet he’s still the most person she can’t tell this to. she always has to keep her feelings locked in her heat and imagine how depressed and sad she must feel. she has to create the antidote even tho she doesn’t have a life to get back to she wants everything to stay the same yet she’s still working so hard just for conan’s sake. ran on the other hand basically doesn’t have any feelings and she cried before just because she thinks shinichi won’t return and even tho haibara feels a hundred million times worse she keeps her feelings to herself just so she doesn’t hurt others around her. do you understand the difference between them now?

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