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  1. I wanna know everyone's opinion on fillers. Since recently they have increased exponentially and without any good apparent reason as it has not caught up to the manga. Do you watch the fillers? Do you enjoy them? Is the same true for the more recent ones? Here is episode 997, which no one around me found interesting. Some even found it weird and unnecessary. Do you think these types of fillers bring down the quality and enjoyment of the anime? Most of all, if any of you know the reasons behind the recent explosion of filler and remaster episodes, please let us know.
  2. I think Shinichi and haibara's older self, Sherry or Miyano Shiho, will be better off with Shinichi. As much as I love Ran, Haibara have such great chemistry with Conan when solving cases. And not to forget, Shiho's intelligence rivals Shinichi's in some cases, so they will be an awesome crime solving pair once they defeat the Black Organisation.
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