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Latest updates (2019-01-30)

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Hi everyone,


As you may have seen already, the site's design was refreshed a bit:

- We're now using new fonts throughout the site (besides the forum and wiki).

- The main site is now responsive (mobile-friendly).

- The homepage was revamped. The banner may change in the near future.

- There's a new simple template of the Wiki's mobile version.


Besides the design, the forum was upgraded to the latest version as well as the wiki (which required that I reworked some of the custom plugins for DCW, hence why it took more time than expected). The reCaptcha plugin was upgraded as well.


I hope you like the changes.


I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience,


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The social elements of the DCW forum may be dead, but it was good to see so many concerned people come out of the woodwork when the wiki went down.
Thanks for your work as always Maurice!

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