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  1. hi there! what should i call you? my name is Berl and im 21yo from Philippines. talking about bias, mine is Kaitou Kid! ohhhh, you are from TH? i have a friend that is living in TH too.. kkk~ i hope we can be friends!
  2. downloading songs which i dont like is very tiring -_-

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    2. phantomlady1101


      I'm very stubborn so my older cousins can't make me to do anything I don't want to :P ^^

    3. Kid the Phantom Thief
    4. phantomlady1101
  3. hiiii~ thankyou for adding me :") let's be friends and talk sometime ^^

  4. mag-iipon muna ako. hihi. walang pera pangtravel. lol.
  5. hi there Nasser! im also new here in DCW! welcome, welcome!
  6. TagaDipolog po. Sa Mindanao. hehe. ilonggo po kau? hihi Hehe. Bisdak jud. ikaw pud? hihi~
  7. hi all! bagong membro po ako sa forum nato. hihi. Pinay din po kaso bali-bali ang Tagalog. Hehe. hindi ko kasi first language ee. Bisaya po ako. lols >_<
  8. huhu~ why is the forum always on error? T_T

  9. whoah! you guys are so cool. all this magical happenings between you guys.. hehe~
  10. Hi there new friend ^^ You love my signature? Me too xDDD What shall I call u :)? Just call me whatever u want ^^

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    2. phantomlady1101


      ^^ I spent quite much time finding those pics :) Berl... Does it have any meaning? Me... Umh, just call me PL 4 short ^^

    3. stealmekaitoukid


      well, it's worth it since it is really nice. hehe.. meaning? nothing really... Haha.. Berl is just the first part of my real name.. like real real name. hehe.. ohhh, okay, i'll call you PL ^_^

    4. phantomlady1101


      Tks :) My real name is really short -.-!! Then Berl, what is ur favorite Kiddo's cases? 4 me, I luv every scene of Kid/Kaito <33333333333333333333

  11. thank you for welcoming me here too i hope we can be friends, and oh btw, i LOVE your signature Kid <33
  12. now i got curious of that "ahem" matters of yours. kkk~ but not gonna force you into telling me what it is
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