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  1. Omo, i like them booth! But if i have to choose i'm going with Eri She's cool you know
  2. Hello, can i introduce my self in here? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My name is Tina Novyanti and my Chinese family name is Oey (Hanzi: 黃, hanyu pinyin: huang), and Hwang (황) for Korean. All of you can call me Tina or HCF (hardcolefan ) I was born in Jakarta (Indonesia Special Capital Region) 15 November 1991 and live in Jakarta only with my mom (my dad passed away at August 2009), and my older brother have moved to France since he graduated high school (have been 25 years since he moved). My major in university is Graphic Design and now i was in my 4th year. My favourite character is Conan, Ran, Eri, Sato, Ai if you want to know something let me know, just send a PM or reply here
  3. For me its Sato! She's boyish and shes a carefree type ahahahaha
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