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Found 2 results

  1. XEdfv yufyt uuih?
  2. Okay, I had a new fanfic idea the other night, but I already have so many fanfics I am planning to write that it will be some time, if ever, before I could get to it. Plus, I would really like to READ this story even more than I want to write it. So I am going to throw the idea to you, my fellow fans, in hopes that it will inspire one of you to run with it. Also, I thought it would be cool if there was a thread specifically for this kind of thing. So, anyone who has story ideas for Conan but does not have the time or ability to write the stories themselves, post a summary of your idea here! Conversely, fanfiction writers who are dry for ideas, come on in and take a look around; perhaps one of the posted ideas will spark your imagination and give you the story inspiration you've been looking for! Now for my idea: The story starts with Shinichi and Ran's date at Tropical Land. Everything is the same through the roller coaster murder case and Shinichi following Vodka, but it suddenly changes after Gin sneaks up behind Shinichi and knocks him out. There is no APTX-4869. Instead, Gin hands Vodka the bar and tells him to quietly silence the high school detective. Rather than a seemingly lost unconscious child, the body of the famous high school detective Kudo Shinichi is discovered with his skull caved in! A distraught Ran remembers the two suspicious men from the roller coaster and how Shinichi was following one of them the last time she saw him alive. Perhaps the high school detective of the west comes to the funeral of his rival from the east and Ran meets Hattori Heiji, or perhaps she discusses what she saw with Shinichi's oldest friend, Agasa-hakase, but someone makes her realize that, by coming forward as a witness, Ran will make herself a target as well, so she stays quiet. Instead, she begins reading every detective and investigation book she can put her hands on, with the intention the she will become the great female high school detective Mouri Ran and will discover the truth behind the mystery of Shinichi's death and the strange men who seem to be behind it! So, what do you guys think? Interesting idea? Does anyone want to write it? If so, please do! Just make sure to let me know so I can read it! I'm looking forward to it, and to all the interesting ideas you guys might potentially post on this thread!
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