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  1. Wake up early ,and go to school . Buat daftar d Senior High School

  2. RT @i_biebs Mau cerita sklh admin ga? Ga pernah ngalamin sh tp emng "ada" sampe masuk majalah hha mau?

  3. i know #SOMEDAY i'll be standing right #NEXT2YOU cause i'm #NEVERSAYNEVER

  4. I know the 6 people that aren't following me back thanks to http://who.unfollowed.me #notfollowingback

  5. Hello, rossitakuroba, welcome to DCW! This is a great place, with great people, so you'll surely have fun here!! :D Anyway, it'd be great if you would post around, and write an intro! :D

    ~Kid the Phantom Thief

  6. 2 MOREEEEE !! PLEASE FOLLOWING ME (@ita_rossita) AND @ical_januard !! AUTO FOLLOW BACK

  7. hard to say bye , but its the time to say good bye , sad but try to smile

  8. Hi! Welcome to DCW! :) Thanks for the add! Have fun! :)

  9. thank you :) i hope i can have many friends in DCW :))

  10. my name is Ita , im from Indonesia ..

  11. my name is Ita , im from Indonesia ..

  12. Hi! Welcome to DCW! I hope you enjoy your time here!

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