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  1. Heyaaaaaa

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    2. -The Rising Angel-
    3. Hejle


      Yeah, but not very well. Guess its been a long time >.<


    4. -The Rising Angel-

      -The Rising Angel-

      :O It's me, Lil' Watson! Namu!! But it's true, it's ben a very looooong time

  2. Hey stranger

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    2. The Banana Paladin
    3. -The Rising Angel-

      -The Rising Angel-

      So! How have these years been? Man I feel like it's been too long!

    4. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Been a long while. Got into stuff, got out of stuff, got perplexed, became a writer, health goes up and down. Trying to find a job so I can focus on life now. How about you?

  3. Hey there, Lil' Watson

    1. Hejle


      Hello there... Did I know you.

      Wait, where did I last see you? It was when I was told about the beautiful and sweet girl. Wait a second - That girl was YOU!

      And I missed you *HUGS*

  4. Nope, going to school now

  5. Ippp, you're alive!! <333333 How are you? How's your life?

  6. Miss talking with you <3333

  7. HEEEEEEY <3333333333 I miss talking to you -pouts-

  8. Almost 7 in the morning? Your time?

  9. I want to stay up more... It's new year night <.<

  10. I'm sleeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyy... but I don't want to sleep >.<

  11. Want a picture with me or with my costume?

  12. Okay, I'll read it :D Then I'll tell you my opinion if it doesn't bother you, but I'm a harsh critic, so be careful :D

  13. Dude, come online will ya? I miss you

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