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  1. I know this is a bit late, but thanks soooo much to everyone who wished me happy birthday :)

  2. heyyy every1 happy new year!

  3. Hi!!! Haven't talked 2 u in a while!

  4. Especially love Haru Haru by Bigbang
  5. I love In My head and What If!!!!!!!!!
  6. Is it me, or does male singers prefer dancing in the rain at night in MVs?
  7. I remember hearing that song. Isn't it also in Naruto?
  8. haven't been on for a long time........

  9. I like Tennant better than Smith because his episodes are more drama packed
  10. That was also one of my first j-pop songs I listened to!!!
  11. Yes i disagree with her voice, but it isn't really nice to get hate messages because that is cyber bullying
  12. I love Tsubasa I extremely love the storyline.
  13. Yes I do. On Wednesday, a group of boys were insulting SNSD Gee. The sounded like they were drunk!
  14. Congrats One rep in one day

  15. Firstly I'll start off with my background chaozhou hua in Shantou mandarin: I go to that school tiny bit of viet(dad) Cantonese AND.......................... ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!
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