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  1. Owo i see, well movie 16 seems to be the most centered DC movie in DB, it will be probably MitsuAi, (in the poster both ai and mit share the equipment of the Big of Osaka)

    Well now i have to leave to have dinner byee...^^

  2. Fineeee thank chuuu ^^ trying to view movie 15 for the 1st timeee but i think i will leave it for another day, what about you? ^^

  3. Hey im xuntouchedhopex from youtube xDDD

    How are you ^^?

  4. I think so owo xDD

  5. Ohh i see, well so nice to meet you xD!:)

  6. Im fine thank you :))) and you?

  7. Hi!!

    One thing are you KimChanx3 from youtube? XD sorry if you aren't uwu xD

  8. MAWARU PENGUIN DRUM is one of the best animes ever! Who wants to watch it too?:3

    1. Fuyuku Nura

      Fuyuku Nura

      Me and my sis are watching it

    2. Ainaji


      O.O reaaally?kawaiiii :)

    3. Fuyuku Nura

      Fuyuku Nura

      yeah...sometimes *sweatdrop*

  9. Yessss!:)))))))))

    im reading a fanfic about MitsuAi now ^^

    and What are you doing? :)

  10. Well...this is a late-goodbye post so goodbye untilni return from my holidays...!

    1. hopes


      If that's anything, I would say that's the new OVA.

    2. TheBlackTac


      That was Movie 9. They were playing Hide and Seek.

  11. Goodbye until i finish my exams D;

  12. and er...spanish is my main lenguage

    How shold i speak to you?o.o

  13. HI!!!

    Do you speak spanish?O,O

  14. I heard that the end of the world iis on the 21th of may!!!D:::: And i'm very supertitious!!!!!What can i do!?? D:

    1. conanshinichi


      this is what you do. Ignore them

  15. yesh they are^^

    I loved it a long time ago xD

  16. Yes, i do...but i don't use it very often..

    It's xuntouchedhopex@hotmail.com xP

    and you??

  17. Your welcome ^^

    Here it's ^^


    Hehe Thank you ^^

  18. Apprentice xD!!!

    But she stopped laughing, so i wanted to hear her laugh again xD!!

    Fine ^^

    Do you like Shaman King¿? o.o

  19. I'LL KILL YOU BECAUSE OF THAT !!!! OHOHOHOHOHO(OMG Did i sounded like Chelsea¿?xD)

    Thanks for the add ^^

    How are you?^^

  20. I'm fine thank youu ^^

    WelL i posted in your introduction ^^


  21. OMG I forgot...


  22. WOW WOW!!! XD!!!I didn't recognize you ^^

    How are you¿????

    You should post a welcome thread x3

    Have you already did it?

  23. HII!!

    How are you?

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