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  1. YO YO YO! Where'd you go? D: XP

  2. *hugs back*

    I started since 4 years ago if I recall. (= Anyway, how's it going?

  3. oh okay ^^"

    I think the same.. but Ran don't understand it .. she think Kudo loves her ~.~ .. idiotical girly ><

    btw. I have to go to bed - good night :3

  4. ikr == I think it's just "friendship"

    yeah, but I dont use it much :/

  5. btw. do you have skype? :)

  6. uhm.. NO! how stupid can a human be? .. unbelievable >< .. idk what Kudo likes about her THAT much v.v

  7. ikr == can you believe that she still hasn't figured out who conan is? <_<

  8. yeah.. this is unfair x-x

    Ran is a stupid baby .. she should go away and finally stop haunting Kudo-kun òO

  9. Thank you <3

    ikr :D

    but stupid gosho will probably end up pairing KudoxRan together in the end :(

  10. oh my gosh amazing ~ your drawings are too good for my eyes *-*

    AiCon 4~ever!!

  11. and btw AiCon shipper \o/

  12. ohh thank you very much *-*

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