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  1. OMG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! it's been a year since i've logged in here...sorry for not logging in for a year...but..thank God i'm still alive and kicking..I still haven't catched up to the newest episodes...I was very busy watching other anime..that I needed a new air....*crying for joy* ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  2. ahhh *stretches* itsbeen a while since i last logged in here.. but thank god.. i still remembered it!!

  3. happy birthday shin-chan!!

  4. liar... because you dont have evidence.. i ate cookies, 5 mins. ago :grin:
  5. i don't hate him neither do i like him..
  6. how do you do the thing.. below your names like " DCW's greatest ....." like that can you explain.
  7. where...there( duh?) if you mess with the best you'll go down with..
  8. lets see... conan/shnichi: i'll be friends with him.. make him my portable living encyclopedia..tease him about ran.. drops some hints about his true identity.(make him fall for me) ran: befriends with her, let her teach me karate etc.. tease her about shinichi..sleepover at her house..taste her cooking.. sonoko: befriends with her.. make her my bestfriend too..(all the 3 of them too!!)make her my living portable walking bank..(ofcourse, i'm not a money hunter.. i'll just go with her)sleepover at her mansion!!make her let me ride in a private plane.. travel the world!! kogoro: idk (it depends) DB:go with an adventure with them!!help them solve mysteries!! megure: idk..maybe make him my like-grandfather thingy.. eri: go to her office..play with her "goro" make her help me with laws heiji: idk.. maybe help him solve mysteries kazuha: idk( i'll go back with these two..) kaitoukid: maybe hunt him down, make him exchange place with shin-chan for a week.. i'll post the others by some time..if i have time!!
  9. thank you for greeting me yesterday!!!^_^

  10. thank you for greeting me yesterday!! ^_^

  11. thank you for greeting me yesterday!!^_^

  12. thank you! for greeting me.. yesterday..^_^

  13. happy birthday!!

  14. for those who greeted me " happy birthday" thank you!! ^_^ i'm 13 now!!

  15. Denz001

    Scary Ran!

    you!! :-D yeah!! i swcond
  16. their personalities are really off
  17. i choose ran...but i sometimes get annoyed with her shinichi there and here......... i like ai if shinichi stays as a kid and had a "change of heart" then AiCon...with that but if vice versa then ShinRan with that.... well its been 600+ episodes and ShinRan is still ShinRan..so i think the ending will be a ShinRan too.... i like Ai, but i like ran more.....so i choose Ran
  18. last practice tomorrow.. then it's graduation and after graduation recognition day and after that SUMMER!!!!!!!!

  19. no..because he keeps imagining things..... is it possible for me to be a valedictorian in highschool?
  20. welcome to DCW, hope you enjoy your stay here...

  21. tuesday is our graduation or can i call it "the day"

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