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  1. Wow! i haven't been here for a longggg longggg time! OMG i'm now in the uni but still addicted to CONAN (of cause, i'm proud being addicted lol) :D

  2. When i'm so tried of learning Science, always think of Conan. Fight for my idol! haha!!>o<

    1. nis-aihara


      Welcome to my world. . .

  3. Happy Birthday!! (=

  4. Tomorrow... Entrance exams :(

  5. After final examinations... the end of semester is here already!! >o<;;

  6. ikg

    Haha! Thank you so muchh! <3

  7. hopes

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! :D Have an AWESOME and AMAZING one and enjoy it~!! <333333333

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