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  1. happy birthday!!!! ^_^

  2. Hello! Nice to see another Indian in DCW :)

  3. Hey!! :D Sorry it's belated, but WELCOME TO DCW!! Have an AWESOME time and enjoy your stay... OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!

    Also, just a tip: If you want to talk to other people, go to their profiles and leave a comment~!! :D

  4. Dude... No offense... but you have got to stop double posting... You been here two days and you have 75 posts... most are in the same threads... You can say everything you need to in 1 post and use multiquote to respond to multiple people in 1 post as well...

  5. saw the thread. too many posts, though o.O

  6. Yes, but that's still wrong. You can't just keep posting like that... Try to do it all in one post and if that doesn't work, just share a few links at one time. That's against the rules.

  7. but they are all different

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