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  1. Not a problem! (=

  2. Happy Birthday!! (=

  3. Scar akai is akai himself maybe ? Yes maybe akai didn't knew that conan is shinichi but they were definitely good friends and maybe they shared their secrets .Also it is the fbi after all so maybe they found out that conan is shinichi . Also when subaru said shinichi-kun conan was not surprised but terrified .That was strange..but err who knows
  4. 814 has even baffled me more . How can conan make so many mistakes towards revealing his identity . And subaru really seems to be fishy .It doesn't looks like he is akai , he is more likely to be bourbon .
  5. I am more interested in the fact that subaru-kun has found out that Conan is Shinichi . So excited for the next chapter .
  6. True,and absolutely what is happening in my case * exception of a few teachers*

  7. *siiigh* Yup yup.

    Also if they don't know anything and teach you the bad stuff..<__<

  8. Or if the teacher doesn't know how to teach and they babble some shit and waste our time :(

  9. Hmm ,ok .Thanks for the help.

  10. Ohh....that's too bad..

    What's worse is when teachers don't teach you anything and class is just a waste of time. <___<

  11. It should. No one else seems to have this problem, so it has to be something on your end...?

  12. Ok,so are you saying this will go away eventually ?

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