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  1. Thanks for your greetings last October 29 :D

  2. Hi! Don't know how I got here, but still, hi!

  3. Tantei Shinichi


    The organization on that show is "Pluto" I think? I finished its episodes also the live action. That is my favorite show.
  4. I'd like to meet the moderators, administrator and the members.
  5. This is my profile on Crunchyroll: DDSStudent (Click Here)
  6. I want to join as an Absolute Beginner.
  7. Saw your comment in my profile...I'm from the north...See you around!

  8. Taga-Taguig City (Manila)ako.

  9. Me too. Sherlock Holmes.
  10. Hi! Asking the same with Monsi's question...=)

  11. Taga-Taguig City (Manila)ako.

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