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  1. Heey, thanks for the add! :D

  2. Orangeburst

    Japanese Classroom

    Thank you very much!!! I do appreciate it. Thank you! :-D
  3. Orangeburst

    Japanese Classroom

    Hi! Uhm, could you help me translate this into Japanese, please? The word is The Psalmist Thank you very much!!!
  4. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  5. Oh, so it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  6. Ah, that's why. Alright, see you around!

    Happy Blue Shirt Day!

  7. No particular reason, they just seemed more appealing then.

  8. Liked Gaara and Hinata more after the time-skip.

  9. Orangeburst

    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    +1 for all of you who wore blue shirts today!!!!
  10. Huh? You don't like Shinichi/Conan???

    How about Gaara? And Hinata?

  11. Don't like the main characters of the series...like, almost never. I don't like Naruto, and I don't have any love for Shinichi/Conan.

  12. I see. Hmmm...Naruto's not one of your favorites?

  13. My favorite characters mostly come from the late part of the series. Tenten, Deidara, Minato, Tobi, Nagato, Konan, Jirayia.

  14. Orangeburst

    Blue Shirt Day on February 22, 2012!!!

    Hi there! Happy Blue Shirt Day!!! I'm wearing a dark blue shirt right now...