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  1. rip DCW

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    2. Ren-kun


      It's interesting, but it doesn't sound pleasant. XD

    3. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist


      Don't rip off DCW! Please DX It's part of my life! DX

    4. Shinichi Kudo forever

      Shinichi Kudo forever

      same here@zombie

      uh oh...you shouldn't have said that...

  2. Only a matter of time until the Parkur subforum

    1. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief
    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      The universe is not ready~

  3. Only a matter of time until the Parkur subforum

  4. DCW IRL Round 34 coming up! Sign ups for this one is easy, I just need your social security number, your bank account number, and a few locks of your hair. Rules are simple too, all posts must be exactly 293 words, no more no less, if you don't post for 21 minutes i'm kicking you from the game. I'll be appointing around 21 moderators since it'll be a big thread and all, moderator sign ups are simple as well, you just need to upload a youtube video of you doing cartwheels. ...

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    2. Maltavite


      Add this: You should play MW3 before sign up in this round

    3. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      What!? No! I don't know what is MW3! And I've already done the cartwheels! I'd repair the wall I broke so let me join! T.T

    4. Maltavite


      @ KKLT: Modern Warfare 3

  5. well that's just rude :(

  6. where have you been? :P

  7. shut up and come back :(

  8. are you finally back? :P

  9. *rubs eyes*

    nonono that can't be Jeans! :o

  10. I'm back for a quick minute to inform you all that Moho is a big jerkface who didn't wanna come visit me

  11. Parkur's role is a/an massager who likes little girls. #animerole http://t.co/pQ3daLTp OH COME ON

    1. Sakila



      Sakila's role is a/an yakuza who has a banana fetish.

  12. RT @tarastrong: Whatever happens in Ponyville, stays in Ponyville.

  13. .@TankingCleric is best secretary

  14. Scott Steiner is still a god

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Why, who's Scott Steiner?

    2. Sakila


      A wrestler. He's from my state ^^

    3. Kid the Phantom Thief
  15. New Post: Natsuiro Kiseki 4 http://t.co/m0Mf1sEI


  17. lol i forgot raw was on tonight

  18. RT @tarastrong: RT if you're #TWILIGHTLICIOUS

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      You too? Awesome! we can be twilightlicious together!

  19. New post: Natsuiro Kiseki 3 http://t.co/ffnzTnJ1

  20. man i want a gosick windows 7 theme but i can't find one that works

    1. Ranger


      not that good of a series

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