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  1. The quote means that the person won't appreciate the value of a jewel. A cat will not appreciate the wheelchair.
  2. Racism against cats? Really? You can't be racist about a species that's not your own! I'm not even sure if you're being serious or if you're joking. There is no logical reason behind a cat owning a wheelchair. For one, they can't roll themselves around, two, you'd have to strap the cat in in order for it to stay on, three, animals don't really have the right to own property in our society (if the owner gives the cat a wheelchair, I have no qualms, but who would do that is beyond me.), and there several other reasons I could list but that would go on allllll night. Point is: Giving a cat a wheelchair is ridiculous. Just like giving a rooster a diamond. Not being racist, just quoting, but Shakespeare also said it well, "A jewel in an Ethiop's ear."
  3. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    *applause* Absolutely beautiful, Kyuu! I didn't really want to insult him directly, but I agree with every word you said. He didn't prove a thing and only served to make me look at religion in an even worse light than I already do. Before my iPod crashes on me (which it's done three times on three different websites in the past five minutes), let me say this once again to people who believe homosexual marriage should be banned because their religion says 'No.' (note, this does not refer to you UNLESS you think that gay marriage should be illegal because of your religion. Not supporting it but don't really care does not count.) Since the naysayers are mainly Christian, let's get one thing straight. A lot of you quote the Bible at me when saying why homosexuality is a sin. I want you to know that quoting your Bible to prove a point is like me pointing to my research paper and saying that I'm going to use my research paper to prove my research paper. I want you to know that your religion isn't the only out there. I want you to know that just because you feel it's a sin means that others do, and it doesn't mean you're necessarily right. It doesn't mean you can tell other people they're going to hell for a choice they didn't make. That's just ignorant. Even if you are right... well, I'm reserving that one-way ticket to hell before all the good seats are taken. Because I'd rather go to a devil who doesn't mind what race, gender, sexuality he receives to a god who's nitpicking to the extent that he'll kick people out just for not obeying every single word he says.
  4. Why thank you! ^^ I think it's a pretty worthy cause despite what others think. ;) Some stories just don't belong- and it's our job to see that they get deleted. I don't think that's bad or anything really- if you break the rules, you're out. All we do is give warnings.

  5. I caught a shiny Ponyta! X3 So happy! ~

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      The Banana Paladin

      Oooh! I remember that one! it has blue flames right?

    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      I've never caught a shiny before, or even seen one. But I don't play much, either.

  6. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Religion is the biggest lie ever told to mankind in my opinion. If I laughed my head off while reading this, am I going to hell? XD (honestly don't care... all my favorite book characters end up there any way. At least I'll be able to see them. :3 Also, this 'all-forgiving' god seems a bit eager to cast everybody who dares to defy even a single word he says into the pits of hell... Just saying.) It's easy to say that homosexuality actually could be a gene- it's easy! It's called a recessive allele! To make it even harder, let's turn it into a polygenic trait with tons of recessive alleles that would make it really hard to produce the right effect. That way, it makes homosexuality very rare. Also, even if the homosexuals themselves don't reproduce, anyone carrying the recessive trait is a 'carrier' of that gene, and if their partner is also a carrier, then their offspring could potentially be homosexual. And it's not like you need to have a disease to pass it onto your children. Take hemophilia- it's a blood-clotting disease that is famously known for being common in the royal family. Not everyone had it. A lot of the children with the disease didn't survive to reproduce. BUT IT'S STILL THERE. Why? Because it was not a dominant gene. (okay, it was a recessive sex-linked trait, but you get the point.)Same could apply to homosexuality. *just realized* Did you just say the gene has to be dominant to show up in a phenotype? I'm taking biology- that's DEFINITELY not the case. Dominant genes always show, but only if they are present! Otherwise, the recessive gene becomes the phenotype. Well-known fact of science. And don't even get me started on evolution. I could give you a long rant of scientifically proven reasons (and common sense) to prove evolution is a fact (heck, I could simulate an experiment with bacteria to prove it to you in less than a week with the right equipment). Your argument doesn't even make sense, to be honest. :/ It completely defies the laws of genetics and does nothing to show that evolution is fake. I mean, evolution is everywhere! There's evidence in our vestigial structures (wisdom teeth, appendix, tail bone, little toes, etc.), our homologous structures (same forearm structure as dogs, bats, frogs, cats, birds, etc.), the fossil record (collected skulls of all versions of human/human-like organisms throughout history of thousands and millions of years), and comparative embryology, which proves our embryological development is very like that of other organisms. The story of Adam and Eve? Well, I break rules all the time and I haven't been cast from my Eden yet. :x ... That went way off-topic (never get me started on evolution or I will never shut up on you until you give in). Let me link this back to homosexuality not being some sort of evil thing that we as a human race should never accept. First of all, not everybody is a believer. To take away their rights because they don't believe in the Bible is like to take away someone's rights because they don't believe in sparkly pink unicorns. Because if they don't believe in the Bible, it might as well be nonexistent sparkly pink unicorns to them. And I for one would hate to have my rights taken away by sparkly pink unicorns. Second of all, homosexuality could easily be a passed on trait. Let me draw a quick diagram demonstrating a all-recessive polygenic (2 genes- too lazy for more) trait: In case you can't read that (because I have the crappiest handwriting in existence): Let's say in order to be gay, your genotype must be 'aabb.' Anything else makes you straight. How do we get gay offspring from straight parents? Here's just one of multiple examples (AKA the simplest one I could think of): The parents' genotypes are both 'AaBb', meaning they are both carriers for homosexuality. The rest is self-explanatory if you understand Punnett Squares. THIS is true logic. Conan uses Punnett Squares in one of the mysteries to show how a person with an AB blood type cannot produce a O blood type offspring! See? This is just a theory for how homosexuality is passed on (though I'm sure it's more than a two-gene trait). To tell why not one out of every 16 is gay, the recessive alleles could just be very rare. That's why not one in every four males is a hemophiliac. That's why not everyone is gay. No offense, but please don't try to tell homosexuals that their orientation is a sin and to go get their head fixed (because that's how I would see going to the pastor.). That's obviously not the problem here. Talking to a pastor isn't going to help- and you're asking people to give up part of their identity, part of who they are. Reverse the situation. Imagine being straight is a sin. You're not going to just go to a pastor and ask him to help you be homosexual because someone told you it's a sin, are you? SAME DIFFERENCE. Religion is no reason to BEAT DOWN love. It's no reason to tell people they are disgusting, should be killed, should be punished, should rot in hell. It's no reason to say they can't love each other. (dammit.... I'm crying now.) Read this, and tell me your reaction. If you don't feel even the slightest bit sad at the end of reading this- well, I'm sorry, but get a heart. Just because her love happened to be female doesn't mean she takes the loss any less hard, that her kids feel any less sad, that this love is any less important, any less valuable than a straight relationship. Gay marriage is just as beautiful, binding, and filled with love as a straight one. Even without marriage, this above family was torn apart by death, was ripped brutally into pieces because the law said 'You couldn't marry her' and then said 'You can only save her life if you're married to her.' (here come the waterworks... I've been crying for a while now.) If I can open just one more person's eyes to the unfairness of prejudice against gays and gay couples, the unfairness of the illegality of gay marriage, then that is enough. If I can show the world that nothing is wrong with this, that everybody is worthy of finding love and keeping it forever, then I could ask for nothing more. When will the world finally be able to look and see?
  7. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I'm really glad your views have changed! <3 It's okay to think it's disgusting- all we're trying to advocate is equality even if the two lovers happen to be of the same gender. Because something like that is not something that should strip away your rights and place the priority of your happiness below everyone else's.
  8. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    That's the part of the Bible I don't understand. If God created people, and all the types of love, than it obviously means he meant them to be there. Also, I believe the Bible tells you many other... things that are now untrue in ourcilture today (such as the inferiority of women and the right to beat your slave and etc.) Unless the devil supposedly put the sin there (I think Lucifer's actually kind of cool... *slaps self* This is what you get for reading MI 24/7! You start supporting the evil side.), I don't see why God has a problem with it. And isn't the quote 'Hate the sin, not the sinner?' Also, I find it kind of sad that people try so hard to uphold their values onto others. Even if it is against the laws of your religion, they're the ones who eventually get "punished"- and somehow, I don't feel like all of the hatred stems from wanting to keep people out of purgatory. I don't know where it comes from. It's just... there. No offense to any religion, but the fact that we cleave to Christianity as a country in the US downright upsets me. One of the essential parts of America is freedom of religion, and that means not everyone is a Christian. Heck, I'm even atheist! (so I feel funny just saying the pledge of allegiance...) Another essential part is SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. This is why I don't know why we as a country, as a whole, are letting religion cloud out our sense of righteousness as people. If politician's would look aside for just a moment and read that line- where lies the basis for any argument then other than "It's gross" and "People don't like it." I was amazed when Obama gave his support- it was a brave move that I hope will eventually become common among all politicians. What's good about these politicians though is that they'll do anything or say anything as long as enough people tell them to. Let our voices be heard! Let our support ring through the country, through the world! The only way to get people to listen is to speak loud enough. Change comes slow, but it comes nonetheless, so I know that eventually this mission will come to fruit. It's just a matter of how quickly we can there.
  9. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    It's great to see so many contributing to this discussion in the course of a day! I'm glad my post was able to change the minds of some people. And I'm very happy that some people put that their view on homosexuality itself behind their belief that everyone should have equal rights. This is great! I know religion can sometimes force you to go against homosexuality, but I'm happy to see some religious people supporting too. ^^ LOL, Chelsea. XD You posted right before I did. :3 I feel flattered! Maybe this explanation works better for specifics for detective-DB though. Heterosexual: Like opposite gender Homosexual: Like same gender Bisexual: Like both genders Asexual: Like neither gender
  10. Aeyra

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I am heterosexual, but if I said I was lesbian or bi, would it really make that big of a difference? I didn't change anything about me- all I did was say four words. "I am a lesbian." How does this completely warp people's perceptions? It's as if the moment a person says these words, in the eyes of some, they are aliens. Different from before. Different from them. Disgusting. Revolting. All because- well, they're different. Because they're not afraid to admit that they love, that they love those of their own gender. Love is love. In Ancient Rome, gay marriage was common, accepted, and people never batted an eye. No one thought it was strange! It's not a bad thing to be different. It's not always a good thing either. But as far as accepting the LGBT community goes, I believe that their difference, their acceptance of these differences, the support we can provide them as a community- that is a good thing. Even if you don't agree with being gay, lesbian, bi, or transsexual, I beg you to support the rights of this often criticized community. I am heterosexual. I am what is currently defined as 'normal.' And I feel as strongly for the rights of this community as I would for my own. Since when did people gain the right to tell others who they can and cannot love? I know the strongest force of opposition to the LGBT community is religion. I am an atheist, so I'm not an expert on the subject, but the Bible shouldn't be held above the law. If I were lesbian, I would be outraged, and I am angry about the utter ridiculousness that this is even a problem, that a book I don't even believe in is dictating my freedom and tearing my right to pursuit happiness into shreds. In the United States especially, our laws call for a separation of church and state. Our constriction tells us that we have a right to rebel against our government for impairing us of our right to pursuit happiness. Not that I'm advocating rebellion or anything, but I want my point to be seen. Don't let your views get in the way of other's happiness. It's like if I don't like a sport, do I go out of the way shouting "I hate football! It's a stupid sport, and everyone who plays it is an abomination and it shouldn't be allowed!" ? Hell NO. Same difference. I remember a beautiful passage from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' about racism, and if you have not heard me say this before, I will let it be known that I feel homophobia is the new racism. To judge on sexuality is just as petty and superficial as judging on skin color. Atticus Finch says that people are instantly judged for something they can't control, that no certain community is solely responsible for immoral actions. The gay community has done no wrong as a whole except come out to the world. As individuals, they have made mistakes, but the same can be said of every other community on our planet. To profile a gay person because of their sexuality is identical to me going to up to a Hispanic person and accuse them of being an illegal immigrant, a drug dealer, and whatever other stereotypes cons up to mind. The problem is, only second is viewed as wrong by far too much of our world. My words might have strengthened your beliefs, changed them, or simply have you turned you off to the idea completely. But I will let you know that I mean all of what I say, and that I'm standing behind this community all the way. I am not afraid to fly a rainbow flag, I am not afraid to announce that I support gay marriage. I know that they are still humans like me, people like me- people who love, who feel, who suffer, who cry, who want to be respected, just like me. Just like everyone. I refuse to hate them for their choice of love, and instead, I will love them for their bravery. I will stand, with utmost confidence, and freely admit that I support them. And I hope that you will join me, whether you be gay or lesbian, bi or transsexual, or heterosexual like me. I hope you realize that this is just another stepping stone towards equality, one that needs to be dealt with now. I don't want to live another day in a world that says my friends aren't equal to us, that they can't have my rights because they are different from the majority. But I have to, and I will fight. This is a fight I have to win, for my friends who are part of the LGBT community, for the ones who suffer from the laws made against them. Please, I beg you, I want you, I need you to fight with me for this. This won't be won by one person or even a thousand or a million. This will be a long and tenuous fight, this will need all the people we can get. But we will never let a white flag fly. The only colors we will want to see are every color- the rainbow that connects the earth to the sky. The connection that can bring us ever closer to equality. Thank you for reading. I can only hope I have made an impact on you.
  11. Aeyra


    I'm sorry if this sounds offensive, but simply don't. New members aren't allowed to join because they'll mess up the storyline because they're completely lost, don't know where to start, and well, even us veterans are confused. So please don't try.
  12. Kyunyo! I wasn't aware you were on DCW... (but seems like you just joined, so I guess that's reasonable. XD) I watch you on dA, BTW. :3 That clothing website looks great... Better than my made-up outfits any day. :x
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    Aeyra's art thread

    Thanks. ^^ Two more. Both are OC gijinkas... Wanna guess which Pokes? Acheronta: Inferno: They prefer to go by Ronta and Fern respectively.
  14. Aeyra

    Aeyra's art thread

    New Drawings. Too lazy to put them in the thread and fix the first post. *sigh* It's for Mortal Instruments, which, BTW, is the greatest series on earth. :3 For sake of not spoiling anything, I will not label the characters. Burn Down the World: Team Evil!: Plotting: Two Sides of Me:
  15. Workin' at a retirement home. :P

  16. It doesn't really matter (whatever's easier works.). ^^ Thanks for doing that for me!

  17. I just got a job. :X Much less time to be obsessing.

  18. Not when I'm obsessing over ID, MI, and PokeSpe!

  19. Chapter 1. :P I'm currently fangirling over City of Lost Souls, which came out yesterday (and is part of my favorite series ever.). :3 And drawing Jem Carstairs from Infernal Devices. XD (and doing homework. :X)

  20. No, I read part of the manga before and didn't like it. And I'm doing homework. :/ Don't like homework.

  21. I haven't. And I don't really feel like it...

  22. Finished a 770 page book in one day. :3 "The Nine Lives of Chloe King". Great read!

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      Hooray for fast-readers! *high-five*

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      I read fast, but tons of best selling books make me lose interest. I don't even know what I'm interested in, but I found famous five more appealing than harry potter o.0"

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