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  1. Hi! Just wanna greet you a very happy birthday! May you have more birthdayz to come! ; )

  2. XxXx Kud0o0o0 xXxX

    Boys vs. Girls Round 3 (again...)

    62 (:
  3. XxXx Kud0o0o0 xXxX

    Hello , another Detective Conan Fan !

    Sure (: You're totally welcome Detective conan is amazing , The best cartoon ever since i was a child (; p.s : im so sorry for being late about replying .. But today i saw your message 'cause of the school Have a Nice Day
  4. XxXx Kud0o0o0 xXxX

    Boys vs. Girls Round 3 (again...)

  5. The Lost Ship In The Sky Is AWESOME (:

    1. ChiakiYamashita


      of cause. I love this movie.

    2. hopes
  6. XxXx Kud0o0o0 xXxX

    Spoken Languages

    Arabic : My main and first language . I born in Jordan and still living there English : All of the schools here teach English , specially mine , they concentrate on English & British language. Also most of my cousins live in USA (: French : I learn it in School . I did actually the first level of french the " A1 " while the next levels are coming soon German : I know a few words , But i really have to learn it one day 'cause i want to work there (: In fact My uncle lives there