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  1. As light as a feather. Circle or square?
  2. How am I supposed to know?
  3. Drown to death. Blue pen or black pen?
  4. What should she be thinking about?
  5. You know you're addicted to Detective Conan when: 1. You to look carefully at everything around you, just wanting to find something out of place. 2. You've tried to make your own hang glider even though it doesn't work 3. You happen to enjoy playing soccer even if you've hated it previously 4. You dress yourself in black and attempt to scare little kids 5. You think that everyone on the street could be a murderer 6. When every little thing reminds you of DC somehow(little kids with glasses, drugs, any mention of police or detectives, etc.)
  6. My top 5 manga are: 1. Detective Conan - The cases are alwasy interesting and who wouldn't like DC? 2. D.N Angel - I love all the characters!! 3. Koi Neko - Very cute and funny. 4. +Anima - Origonal and the characters are cute. 5. Rozen Maiden - I love the drawings and it's an interesting story as well. After D.N Angel, the manga are in no particular order. It's just way too hard to decide whether one is better than the other.
  7. Perhaps it's because Kid didn't actually steal anything that time. I think he just wanted show that all the items on display were fakes. About the last part, Kid didn't actually say the Phantom thief was his mum, Conan only just suggested it.
  8. Me too, but all we can do is wait and see...
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