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  1. Well the most active part of this forum is forum games. I think it should be the main subject - DC Still I myself am posting quite much in forum games so...
  2. Something you will never guess Have you ever broken a bone?
  3. I too wouldn't mind a Gin arc. I haven't really thought of something like that even existing. But since we know very little about Gin I think it would be great. And even though I am curious about the answers that will come with the ending of DC, I kind of want it not to end. Because if it ends, then we won't have anything new to talk about, then we can just talk about what has happened. So I think one more arc is good.
  4. Well, it's sad that there will be such a long break, but I guess we'll have to just deal with it, since we have no other option
  5. Well, for me the list that Rumi has is also very suspicious as well as the cuts she has on her arms. How did she get them? I guess even if she was fighting with someone she wouldn't have so many of them. But I am just waiting for file 1006. And about that - does somebody know when can we expect spoiler pics for it?
  6. 999,669 (I have only nines, but some of them are just upside-down )
  7. I don't know what to write so I will write nothing. NOTHING
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