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  1. Ayuna Yume

    Last Poster Wins

    Awesome then!!! Gud luck for College AOD san ^^ Tho I believe the one dat am winning is me
  2. Ayuna Yume

    4 Letter Challenge!

  3. Ayuna Yume

    Two Truths + A Lie [Forum Game]

    #1)? One don't usually tell their password online My turn : 1) 2018 is the worst year in my life 2) 2017 is the worst yearof my life 3) 2016 is the worst year of my life
  4. Ayuna Yume

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for not letting us know of your youtube channel sooner (Srsly dude, TELL MEHHH!!!)
  5. Ayuna Yume

    Are you Alice?

    I see you're tryna evade the topic, Could you be the one we've all bn looking for, the mysterious Alice?
  6. Ayuna Yume

    Questions [Forum Game]

    Are you sure bout that though? And why is this waiting rule so annoying?
  7. Ayuna Yume

    Is it Possible...? [Forum Game]

    Depends, who knows if we'll get flooding new members, or old members become active again all at once, there's possibility, till then, we can't let it die ^-^ Is it possible for me to be useful for once?
  8. Ayuna Yume

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    *catches paper airplane, writes good luck wishes on it, and throws it back* I hate the new rule TvT
  9. Ayuna Yume

    Describe Yourself in One Word

    Ambivalent P.s : Ryte dis is the rule I talked bout, it seems u can't post more than one post at a time even if its in different topics... Y TvT I'm also frustrated now haha
  10. Ayuna Yume

    Last Poster Wins

    Aw yeah I missed u too big time <3 feels great to be back ^^ how have u bn^-^ U don't have to let me, I'm a born winner hehehe I forgot why I said dat *sigh* n y aren't emojis allowed TvT hahaha
  11. Ayuna Yume

    Last Poster Wins

    Behold, the true champion has arrived to snatch back the throne!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, the rules of the forum has changed I see OwO
  12. Ayuna Yume

    4 Letter Challenge!

  13. Ayuna Yume

    Last Poster Wins

    Nah am definitely rite for now at least hihihi not glad to see you though
  14. Ayuna Yume

    Alphabet Conversation

    Casually speaking, insanity r fun so not really :)