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  1. I like her songs.. Pretty good.. amusing..
  2. is Sherlock Holmes, Kudo Shinichi, Hattori Heiji, and Kaito Kid.
  3. i like their song .. Time Machine --in demo-eng.ver.
  4. Last song syndrome? is it something like -theme-life-song- or -the most-love-song- coz something to do in life like love or something else?... Well.. i have some songs maybe.. ^^
  5. 1. Sherlock Holmes 2 : A game of shadows ->pretty good and i like it 2. Detective Conan 6 : The Phantom of Baker Street -> after watched it, i start to read sherlock holmes novel 3. Detective Conan 18 : Sniper from another dimention -> yeah i really like akai person and the plot is amusing 4. Ao Haru Ride -> romance movie and about first love 5. Kanojo wa Uso Wo Aishisuiteru -> romance and mosic movie
  6. already watched it.. pretty good.
  7. Nice to meet you... i'm Indonesian..
  8. Still beginner though.. Ohayou...
  9. I used to read a study in scarlet..
  10. Hmm.. i used to watch Ben 10, avatar Korra..
  11. It's dorama... sugarless.. have some cool guys there.. lol
  12. SNSD-Time Machine in jap.ver. and eng ver. (demo ver.) it's pretty good ^^
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