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  1. Didn't know where to post this so im posting it here https://plug.dj/detectiveconan feel free to join me, Its open to all. plug.dj is a site where communities gather in their pages and everybody can queue a music they like. Can be from youtube / anywhere Come on in and have a jam with your favourite Detective Conan opening/ending
  2. Mine would be "spinning the wheel of destiny" by zard as that opening was around the time i first started watching conan. Them first impressions very important you know
  3. To be fairly honest I don't think its going to end anytime soon. I mean its been going on for like 18 years already and has such a large fan base, nevertheless to say that the main is quite a bit away from ending and it would probably end when conan wins the black organisation
  4. For me I happen to start watching detective conan on satellite tv at golden time (When they show anime's that a lot of people watch). Originally i thought detective conan was just one of those "Golden time animes". Little did I know that i would spent the rest of my life watching it haha. I actually never knew the backstory when i started watching so to me conan was just some sorta super genius kid who was younger than me but somehow said words i didnt understand (I was like 7 and my vocabulary was horrible) Seriously Conan has been a big part of my life haha.
  5. Most recent for me would probably be sword art online 2
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