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  1. I have already watched all the movies, the ovas, the magic kaito, and all the episodes of DC so far :/ I feel empty :(
  2. Heiji.Kudo


    I know right We still ship the main couple
  3. Thank you so much, this will really help. I will watch the episode again and then the movies again At first I really thought is was separated but then I saw some prelude episodes. So I thought maybe they missed some episodes but then I watched the movies and thought they actually match in a sense :P Mods say: Please don't double post. Edit your previous post to add a new quote or use the multiquote feature
  4. I know right I'm also a fan of Vermouth, though her being in BO. I also like the fact that she 'helps' to hide Conan's identity in a sense Bourbon, I hated him in a way where he nearly expose everything. But I kind of love him now
  5. Heiji.Kudo


    Shippers of DC Romantic, best partners and rivals . I would like to know the opinions and preference of all about all the three or any specific one The poll is just a mere speculations and this post is open to arguments and other options P.S: Each one of us has his/her own opinion and preference, do not criticise the choice of others, Thank you
  6. I feel sorry for a lot of characters. Shinichi, Ran, Haibara, the detective boys, Miwako Sato, Jodie, Akai Shuiichi, and many other characters (from certain cases,etc). I do feel more pity for Haibara Ai. 1. She lost both her parents. 2. She was forced to work for BO. 3. BO killed her sister. 4. She does not have any childhood. 5.She is forced to be on guard and to trust no one 6. Always hiding and cautious about her surrounding 7. No one to actually listen to her story 8. has an unrequited love for Conan/Shinichi who loves Ran 9. Deceive a lot of people (detective boys) That being said, I do feel that Haibara Ai/Shiho Miyano is one of the top characters that we have to feel sorry for
  7. I fully totally entirely agree with you I come from RanxShinichi to HaibaraxConan I do think Ran and Shinichi making a very good pair, but I think Haibara and Conan make a PERFECT one Even though Ran and Shinichi actually fit each other with their character, I find Haibara more interesting (like you said). My heart is split into two, one for Ran and Shinichi, and one for Haibara and Conan. It will actually turn out to be interesting if Conan starts to notice Haibara. Though we all know that Ran and Shinichi will end up together. Even though that being said, as to 'kill' Ran, is out of question. Despite being more an AiCon shipper than a ShinRan shipper, I will not wish any of them to be gone. It will be tragic and I will fall for ShinRan even more. It's like,you like a character and the role they play, but once they are gone, you love them more. kind of like that Though, it's only my way of feeling things KaiShin? Kaito x Shinichi? I was about to ask the same thing actually, if anyone find Shinichi/Conan matching with many characters. KaitoxShinichi, HeijixShinichi , and so on (Shoujo, Shounen, Shounen ai, Tragedy: I'm a huge fan of all those types , so I kind of match everyone with everyone, in a sense) AiCon <3 CoAi <3 ConAi <3 (the names I found so far on the net)
  8. I totally agree with you. Though some find DC too long, it is good to have many episodes to pass time on. I too think that it is very good to pass time though I think I love DC a little more than just passing time. As you said, there are many flaws in the anime, I agree with you. I,myself, saw a lot of points which does not make any sense but still continue to watch it. No anime is perfect but to say that DC is the best, I will answer 'no', despite being in my favourite anime list
  9. I totally agree with you. Despite being among my favourites, to declare it the greatest anime of all is a bit too much. Though there are many that love DC, we will not get everyone to agree with us. I watch many good anime which forms part in my favourites but to call one as the greatest or best, it is not quite my cup of tea. Each anime has a category in a sense and think that though DC is my favourite among detective and mystery anime, I will not categorise it as the best anime ever. It is my opinion though I totally agree with you though
  10. Heiji.Kudo

    Conan x Ai

    I agree with you. Though I don't particularly see Ayumi and Conan together, Ayumi is too. . how to say it, too 'childish' and 'girl-ly' for Conan On the other hand Haibara and Conan totally suit each other in all sense I do respect your preference though Totally agree with you. I find their parts kind of cute and sad at the same time. Sad in the sense that I know they will not end together at the end. :/
  11. Heiji.Kudo

    Conan x Ai

    I agree with you all. Conan/Shinichi goes well with both Ran and Haibara/Shiho. Though we all know that Shinichi will ends up with Ran, I still think that Conan and Haibara actually make a good pair. 1. Conan and Haibara share the same pain(being in the same state) 2. They understand each other better than anyone else 3. They protect each other 4. They are both mature enough to comprehend things 5. They always help each other in any circumstances 6. They make fun of each other and make jokes 7. They can openly talk to each other about anything 8. They totally suit each other I really do ship RanxShinichi, but I also ship a lot HaibaraxConan <3 Though that being said, each one of us have our own impression and preferences
  12. I did asked the same question. There are episodes that said something like 'who would have thought that there will be case following' or something like that. I witnessed it in 2 episodes where one , with the detective boys, had to go on a ship but found themselves entangled in a case. At the end of the episode Conan said something like they wouldn't have guessed that there will be a case on the ship they are going. And the other episode was about Tohto tower or something like that. Conan had a case there and the next day he was supposed to go with the detective boys and a case appeared. 735 The coded invitation. Though at the end Conan said "Nobody could have ever suspected that another shooting waiting for us at Bell Tree Tower" , but never got a continuation of the case. Maybe it is one of the movies, I don't really know. It's frustrating to have them said that another case will occur but on the next episode you have another case. :/
  13. I didn't know that DC movies are non-canon. There are too much Org. members. some just appear once and die. I agree with you, there are a lot of black spot in the meaning behind each one's action. Vermouth is one of my favourite BO character. Though being on the BO team, I quite appreciate the fact that she doesn't want the org. to know about the shrinking things. Bourbon is quite mysterious in a way. He make me think about Vermouth in a way, like he will 'side' with Shin'ichi, kind of. Though I was not so fan of him at first, I am quite fond of him. I will see in the following episodes, how he behaves. Mods say: Please don't double post. Edit your previous post to add a new quote or use the multiquote feature
  14. Haibara's sister and Irish also from the Org that know the identity of Shinichi. But the only one alive that knows his identity is Vermouth. Why doesn't she? I mean, not want to tell the org. about them? She was determined to kill Sherry in episode 701-704 (The train case). Burbon is very near to discover his identity too
  15. I totally agree with you. That Episode 304 was really sad, I even thought that it will actually end for them (even though I knew the protagonist cannot die) :/ That movie <3 I cried at that part :$ though I know they can't die xD Shinichi stayed there <3 very touching scene
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