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  1. I think it is a testimont to how great the show truly is given how long it has lasted. One thing we must keep in mind, is that DC is the only long running anime that is not adventure themed. This is important because adventure appeals to almost all viewers. It is the same reason comedies and rom coms are so successfull because they appeal to everyone. However for a mystrey show to last for more than two decades is really quite remarkable. When you look at a show like one piece and compare it to DC it's very easy to miss the brilliance of DC. Alot of times characters in adventure anime such as one piece are very one dimentional. They are just gives a tragic backstory and we are suppose to care for them from then on. In DC there are alot of characters with incredible depth you cant really find in other shows, an example of this between Conan, Haibara, Akai and Akemi, the relationship between any two of them is incredibly deep. I love DC. To me it is the best thing that has ever hit tv. But even i have to admit that it is far from perfect. The long running format is something that i actually prefer as new info about the BO becomes much more exciting. The main problem i think with the show is the lack of utilization of incredibly complex characters. The biggest example is Haibara. The fact that we know very little about her backstory is something that genuinly infuriates me. She is involved in the story in a way that rivals Shinichi's involvement but we dont really see mich of that. Either way i believe DC has the pitential to become the undisputed best, it is goin to be a classic no matter what and to me it is far ahead of anythingb else i have ever watched. But unfortunately it is far from perfect.
  2. It is starting to feel a little redundant. I was disappointed when Bourbon turned out to be a good guy because like you said only Gin and Vermouth are left. And if Rum is the second hand man to the boss then there really is no one left. It is a real shame. Although one possibility is to have and irg member within the FBI for example. If done right things could get very interesting.
  3. Sorry if i sounded rude there i guess i was too intent in getting my point across. I guess the way each of us views the characters are different. I like to think about what may happen to these characters after the end if the show. I guess my imganation run too wild sometimes. The thing is, despite knowing each other for 10 years Ran and Shinichi haven't really had any hardships in their lives. And i understand your view on sarcasm and how ut would affect a relationship. Usually i would agree with you but i dont see it affecting Shnichi and Haibara who to be honest don't seem to mind that, keep in mind that should their relationship progress their interactions would change slightly. Sure Haibara is there and he is being reckless but she can't really do anything when he is hiding everything from her. I think it is a mistake they are both making by keeping secrets about the org from one another, but it could pay off in the end. I just don't see Ran as a character go against him. In terms o being able to humble him i don't know how to explain that to honestly, i just feel like if given the chance, Conan and Haibara can get to know each other better than Ran and Shinichi, and that would result in them knowing how to handle each other better. As you said the ending is in the writer's hand, and i know that ConxAi is never going to happen but as a fan of storyteeling, i just feel like it is an unfortunate waste of a potentially great storyline.
  4. What do you think the show is really missing in terms if the actual plot? I personally believe the show lacks a presence of true evil. The org is built up as this huge crime syndicate, but we don't really see how bad they can be. I also hate the fact that we haven't had flashbacks to Haibara's childhood. Her background is so rich with possible twists that her story pretty much writes itself. What do you guys think?
  5. The reason i mentioned Kazuha is because the fact that when you have a relationship that has been building up for 20 years and of the teo people invilved can be subtituted by someone else is huge red flag. Kazuha and Ran are the same, so would it work if Shinichi started loving Kazuha? This is a mistake in Ran's character, she is the second main character and has nothing unique to add to the story. The reason He is better off with Haibara than Ran is because like you said she is the better partner. You mentioned that its cute how Shinichi and Ran made up over a song. Which is true, but you have to consider the life he is leading. The way he lives is dangerous, things are rarely ever cute. Besides, when looking at the problems he is facing now and the problems he may face in the future, it's wrong to assume how Shinichi and Ran will handle it by looking at how they got over an argument that was resilved by a song. What happens when there is another case where he has to leave? What if he starts working with the FBI? She can't be his partner, and she can't help him so is she supposed to just wait? And more importantly, the fact that Shinichi didn't realize they were in an argument is proof that it wouldn't work. How could you not notice that someone you love is mad at you for a week? I would have to disagree that tolerance is the key to long term relationships. Tolerance by definition is suppressing the urge to do or say what you want. It's not healthy to just accept what the other has and move on. That way bo one is going to move forward. You also said love is about accepting each other's flaws. That is true to an extent, acceptance is just the first stage, which is where Shinichi and Ran are. But wouldnt be more worthwhile to find someone that compliments your flaws? Is it not better to to settle with someone who makes you a better person instead of just accepting everything you have flaws and all? Shinichi is flawed, Haibara is flawed, but together they have a chance of being complete. You said if you love someone you have to accept them all bot just the perfect side, but you see for Ran and Shinichi all they know is the perfect side of each other. What happens if Shinichi loses someone and becomes angry and reckless, is she going to be able to accept him then? What if he kills someone for justice, how is that going to play out between them? They do not know the dark sides of each other. Meanwhile Haibara and Conan know the dark sides if each other more than the good. Their relationship is built on hate and blame. The fact that they are have become close shows that tey fully accepted the dark sides if each other. So if he loses someone or gets too reckless she can control him and tame him, because just because he loves Ran means she can tame him. What if he needs to hear something he doesnt want to hear? What if the only way to save him is hurt him? What if the only way to stop him from getting reckless and getting himself killed, is to shoot him? Would Ran be able to do all that? These are all crazy scenarios i know but they are highly plausibable in his life. Opposites attract is all i can really say. I can go on forever about how they would make a better couple. And authors are not perfect. J.K Rowling herself admitted that she had made a number if plot mistakes in the Harry Potter series. Gosho gave an amazing series, but it is a fact that the romance in the series is really bland. Which would have been fine for a two, three season mystrey show. But for something that has been building for 20 years, its deeply flawed. The way he lives his life, and the dangers he encounters on a daily basis, i think its safe to assume that one day 'love' is just not going to be enough.
  6. Here is why i think Ran saving Haibara is a mistake. I may be wrong but what i remember is that Ran was in Jodie's house and she saw Shinichi's picture in the bathroom. So she does the only logical thing there is to do, and jump into the trunk of ber car?? How does that make sense. There are literallly a hundred better ways to go from there. The scene also belittled Vermouth's evilness. She is portrayed as an evil sadistic woman right? So why wouldn't she just kill Ran and then Haibara. That scene for me did no one in the series any good. It proved the the problem i have with ShinRan. Because yea she may have saved Haibara, but how stupid of a decision was that? I think Gosho realized that his second main character had no role in the actual storyline and decided to just throw her in there. Thankfully we have never seen her get involved ever again. You are right that she supports him on his work. Her sense of justice is strong, she's kind and at times very brave. But honestly the same can be said about Kazuha for example. Shinichi is a detective. A reckless, rash and naive detective. He keeps getting himself invilved with more and more dangerous people and he is not prepared for it. He is working with the FBI and CIA and the special police. His life is going to keep getting more dangerous. And if there is one thing we learnt about him, it's that cases will always come first. He is not in need of a lover, he needs a partner. Someone who knows how hard life can be because there eill come a time when his recklessness will get the better of him. That's when he needs a patner to help him through it. Usually for a couple to not be involved in each other's work is fine but not in this case. He needs a partner. An argument could be made that why not have both. But i personally feel like it would be unfair to Ran. They have a lot if similarities. They have been friends for ten years. But honestly we have seen no indication that they know each other truly. There similaroties are the foundation of their friendship but i dont think they would be enough for a relationship. After all, they don't cmoliment each other's flaws. She treats him as this perfect angel and he does the same. So what happens when things go wrong? They don't even see the flaws in each other. She can't humble him, she can't assist him in his work, and she doesn't seem to be ready for the life he is leading. Honestly the story between Haibara and Conan writes itself. The foundations are there for the greates story that can be told. It is a shame that the character of Haibara with all her background is not being utilized more. The reaosns i gave above where from a fan's pov. But from a storytelling stand point, you can't make a childhood love story as slow paced and bland as it is and expect it to make sense after 20 years. Haibara and Conan have the dynamic and the chemistry. Which may not seem important to you, but for a viewer that is all that matters.
  7. Hey guys, i was wondering if you had any specific scenes or scenarios or even conversations in mind that you would like to see in the show before it ends. These could involve any characters in any sort of setting, basically let your imagination run wild and share the moments you would love to watch/read in the future. thanx
  8. It has been well established that Ran doesn't have the mental or emotional capacity to fight the BO. She is scared of ghosts for god's sakes. Every act of bravery she's ever done was either because that is what Shinichi would do, or because it was the 'right thing to do' (saving Haibara from Vermouth, the most random and confusing scene of the series). Again all of this can be attributed to Gosho not developing her character well, say if in the fight against the BO she is faced with an ordeal that Shinichi can not help her with, she wouldn't know how to act, she is a normal teenager after all. You can see throughout the series the difference between Haibara and Ran when it comes to Shinichi's work. Haibara is always asking him questions providing clues hell she is always by his side whenever he is working and she can always keep up with him. Ran is always in the background with no real importance, and if she can not keep up with him intellectually on normal cases, how do you expect her to hold her own against the BO. And by the way the BO is a global mafia, and we are talking about a guy who happened to come across the car of a deadly assassin and decided to break in to track him. He does that because his sense of justice is just too strong. Picture this, months after the BO is been taken down, Shinichi runs into Jodie or Akai while they are on a case, would he help them?
  9. Ran's involvement is possible, but her personality is set. Even if she were to to get involved she would never be the one to initiate anything, all she could do if anything, is do whatever Shinichi tells her to do. Normally that would be enough but against the BO and espicially in the end, there has to be moments where Shinichi is not there. The difference between Haibara and Ran is that Haibara can be trusted with the safety of others, she can be trusted to make decisions in life or death situations. Although Haibara does get intimidated around the BO her life and all her experiences with them makes her a lot more dependable than Ran could ever be Nt necessarily working for the FBI, but as the story progresses he is getting more involved with higher ranking government agencies. And for him justice will always come first no matter what, before his own life, and i feel it is logical to assume that after seeing just how bad criminals can get, he won't be satisfied with just sitting back and allow criminal syndicated to operate. Your last point is possible but highly unlikely, him changing for the better doesn't mean he would start appreciating Ran more. If anything he is taking Haibara for granted. No matter how much things may change afterwards, one thing will always be the same, he will always be a detective. He will never stop chasing criminals and his work will always come first, the change i was referring to is a change of his perception of justice. He needs to grow out of his naive thinking where everyone survives and all the bad guys are caught, he has never lost anyone and sooner or later he will and sure that will lead to him appreciating people more, but he will never quit chasing down the biggest evil he can find. That is why the people closest to him, should be the people he needs by his side the most.
  10. The question 'who do you prefer to end up with Shinichi' is subjective, it is based on personal opinion. However, if we're talking about who is the better couple, then there is really only one answer. ShnichixShiho The second question may seem subjective too at first but there are some distinct differences, if we're talking about the better couple then there are some measures that we can use to answer the question. From a viewer's point of view, and from a fan's. Viewer's POV: let me start by saying that i fully understand the DC is not romance anime, however if you're going to introduce a romantic aspect to the show it has to be on par with everything else. The most important thing for viewer's to get invested in a relationship between two characters is why they are in love, what are the events that lead to these two people to form a special connection. In shinran's case, it appears that was friendship. There is nothing special about their relationship, hell you can attribute their 'cute' moments to any two characters on any other show. I understand the appeal of the couple at first but as the series dragged on, as a viewer i was waiting for a reason to care about Ran and her relationship with Shinichi but Gosho has failed to deliver. We can tell that they love each other but they play no role in each other's lives. Basically if they weren't in 'love' they wouldn't need each other. And so it is very hard for me as a viewer to care about them. I had no problem with RAn until Haibara was introduced, because that's when we first got a glimse of what could become. The girl from the organization was such a genious idea, and her personality drew viewer's attention. But when the connection between her, Akemi and shinichi was made, that is when the foundation were set to develop and incredibly exciting and complex relationship. Haibara and Conan share very little in common, in fact their intelligence may be the only thing aside from the BO, and so watching them try and cope with each other while growing closer is really exciting to see. The show is somewhat based on Sherlock Holmes, and the way i see it we are faced with two options, Irene Adler or Mrs. Hudson, and i think there is a clean winner. Fan's POV: I have been watching the series for a decade now, so casual fans may not understand what i'm about to say. Before i begin i want to say the i love this show more than any other. To me no tv show or movie will ever come close to DC. And after 10 years of watching a show, i started to actually care about the characters. Shnichi is working with the FBI and the CIA and the special police, he is chasing down a criminal orginazation that global law enforcement agencies have been chasing for years. When it is all over, i can't imagine him going back to being the arrogant highschool detective, solving pity thefts and murders out of jealousy. I can't imagine him cutting ties with the FBI. I can't help but feel like somewhere inside of him he enjoys hunting down global criminal syndicates and as soon as the BO is gone there will be another and he will be there chasing them. Either way i don't see a possible way for him to go back to being a normal teenager. Here's where Shiho comes in, like i said earlier they are not alike but they each have what the other desperately needs. Shiho knows the life that Shninichi is leading himself into, she knows how it feels to hurt and she knows how it feels to lose. One day he will too, and he is going to need someone when it happens. He doesn't need someone to wait for him, he needs someone fighting alongside him and Ran could never do that, atleast not at a BO level. Shiho on the other hand needs someone that guide her through the troubles of everyday life, while at the same time gives her that opportunity to prove to herself that she can infact do good. In theory that could be anyone, but after all they went through together, and after he set the bar so high, it seems improbable that anyone can ever rise to that level. It may seem like i hate Ran, but i don't. As a character she is deeply flowed, but as a true fan i care about her deeply. My main argument against ShinRan has always been that Shinichi doesn't deserve Ran. As proof let me ask you this, what do you thing Shinichi would do if he could go back in time to the night he got shrunk and knowing fully well what would happen, would he still follow Gin? he would do it differently, but he would definitely chase after them which is not fair to Ran. To Shinichi, Ran will never come first.
  11. I want to see if you guys believe that DC is the best anime in existence. I'd like to know your opinions and whether you think the show is underrated while stating why or why not.
  12. The question of who is best is different than who is it going to be. We all agree that ShinRan is endgame but that does not make it the best option. ShinRan is wrong for so many reasons and many people complain about the amount of childhood friends turned couples in the series but to me it's not really the issue here. When you look at couples like Heiji and Kazuha and compare them to shinRan you can a huge difference. Heijivand Kazuha have chemistry, which as a viewer is the most important aspect to a relationship and that's what ShinRan lacks amongst many other things. Either Haibara or Shiho is a perfect fit for Shinichi and he for her. What makes them great isn't that they're similar, it's the fact that they completely fill the void in each others life. I can't imagine Haibara falling for anyone after him, not after all he has done for her. After all he's essentially the reason she can smile one day and so no other person will ever be able to rise to that level after Shinichi sat the bar too high. As to why she would be perfect for him is because she knows the life that he's leading himself into. If you think about his future after the organization, I believe that it is safe to assume that he will never the same again. Being high school detective is just not gonna cut it anymore. He's working the FBI, CIA and the special police, and for a guy as ambitious as he is I can't imagine him going back to being the arrogant detective. The way I see it his life is going to keep getting more dangerous and soon there will be another organization and he will leave like he always does and that is not fair to Ran. She is willing to wait but in the end it's not worth it. She has nothing to offer him, he has nothing to offer her. The difficulties and struggles they face are completely different they can't understand each other. Their love is based on friendship. But he doesn't need that, not in the long run. He doesn't need someone to return to, he needs a partner right next to him, someone that can take care of themselves and him and there's only one person that can do that. As to how it can happen, the way I see it there's only three possible scenarios where ShinShi happens. 1- Ran dies. 2- No antidote. 3- Ran breaks up with Shinichi. Personally I prefer the third option. Having Ran witness the fight against the organization and the life Shinichi is leading may help her realize that their relationship they imagine is just a fantasy and that it would never work. To have her realize that there was already someone that knows him through and through, someone that can see right through him, someone that can help him grow and someone that can keep him safe. That's my fantasy. Haibara opens more doors for Shinichi that Ran can ever hope to. If you stop and think about the possibility of Shinichi and Haibara joining the FBI for instance, you will realize how truly epic that would be.
  13. List one argument against either couple while explaining your point of view, I would like to establish a discussion going back and forth between people taking part.
  14. when i said keep up with him i wasnt referring to just cases. although when ever they are working a case she is always the first one to understande what hes getting at before anyone, like for example in her first appearance. Ran cant keep up with Shinichi because whether he means to or not he never treats her as an equal especially in a case. if watch him when hes kudo in particular, he does what he has to do she is just there in the background, to him when he's working, she is person who calls the cops and thats it. haibara on the other hand is always there next to him, he bounced ideas of off her and she responds, they are partners and for someone as selfish as Shinichi that's actually a big deal. she can't ground him. I dont remember a specific incident, after all these episodes and movies can you imagine Ran standing up to him and telling him that he's wrong or that he's too selfish and i don't mean that he's an idiot for not knowing how she feels. saying that Ran is more independent than any other teenager in the show is unbelievable. After all Haibara is been through on her own, but back to emotional independence, the thing about Shinichi is that there's always going to be another case, and since he's getting involved with the FBI its safe to assume that the level of danger will only increase and Ran can't handle that, she has no idea how much danger he is in now and she's barely holding on. seriously, i mean true it wouldn't make sense for anyone else but its perfectly plausible for Shinichi, has ever not chased down a criminal because it was too dangerous, i mean he saw Gin's car and broke into it knowing exactly how dangerous it was. in that scenario he would call the cops but be would never stand back, he will go and try to be more careful, but he will still go after them. Ran honestly deserves better.
  15. Honestly if this were any other show Ran and Shinichi wouldnt even stand a chance. Gosho is invested in child romances thatvhe lost complete control over the romantic aspect of the story. If you truly love this show you would realize thats its soo near perfect and that if hadnt been for the dry annoying awkward romance that were fed, the show wouldnhave been perfect. I would loveva ShinRan fan to give me a reason other than they love eachother or they have known each other since childhood. I think we can all agree that love is sometimes hust not enoigh. The arguments for ShinShi are logical and plausible. She is the one that cannkeeo up with him. She can ground him. She can assist him in his career. She is indepemdent and so is he. She wont worry when he doesnt check in everyday. My biggest argument against shinran is that shinichi doesnt deserve Ran. If you dont belive me think what would Shinichi do if he had the chance to go back in time to the night he was shrunk, would he follow Gin and Vodka
  16. I was just thinking that DC is for me is the best show let alone anime. And It bothers me that it can be a lot better than it is now. Specifically in the romance aspect of the series. Gosho is an amazing writer and he has divided the main plot very well but when it comes to romance, he just doesn't seem to put any effort into it. I am a ConanxAi fan. I can argue all day that they are the best couple. But what really bothers me about the romance in the series is that its really dry. The one scene that really proved to me that Gosho's romance writing is just boring, is the scene between Ran and Shinichi in London. Now I know they will end up together and I think I made my peace with that, but when Shinichi tells her after 520 episodes 'how can someone understand the heart of the woman he loves' or something like that. It really made me mad. I mean she told him countless times that she loves huh so when he says he doesn't understand how she feels it really bothered me and I thought of it as the biggest flaw in the series. So I was wondering what you guys thought about it all. Personally I feel like I've been subjected to watch a love story filled with nothing but blushes and awkwardness. But DC is still the best there ever will be. So tell me what you guys think.
  17. If you were to write the ending, how would the series end? We've all thought about it.
  18. Seriously it's out in every other language I can't take it anymore
  19. I am a hardcorde ShinxShi fan and given the inevitable tragic ending I would like to at least stand the ShinxRan couple. Can someone give me a really good argument ?
  20. I've been waiting on the movie to be subbed for so long and was wondering if anybody had any news about it
  21. Most of the childhood friends turning into romantic relationships in the series are quite beautiful. Kaito and Aoko Heiji and Kazuha The reason being that they have chemistry and its great to watch them interact. But the ShinRan relationship has dried up so long ago that I honestly turn away from the screen everytime Ran starts crying about him again. Besides, as a viewer If I were given the choice between two relationships: 1: Two people whose relationship is built on love 2: Two people whose relationship is built on love, hate, guilt, shame, trust, loyalty. I think there is an obvious choice. So ShinxShi
  22. I believe if our dreams are ever going to come true, Ran would have to realize that Shiho is better for Shinichi than she Is I think,
  23. I heard recently the Aoyama Gosho said that there will be a happy ending to the series and I was wondering what you guys think about that
  24. If I recall in the 11th movie he refers to her as his partner before she responds with something like You're a smooth talker'. They do look out for each others safety but I just don't feel like Haibara really shadows him the way Ran does. Haiabara fired a gun once on her first appearance so I'd assume she's pretty good. I would hate to see Ran die though I think we deserve a more exciting crazy end haha
  25. I was just wondering what you guys think it will be like when Ran and Shiho meet for the first time and under what circumstances =)
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