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  1. How come 921 and 922 is different from Manga Hat? ... I see Kiato in those chapters.. yet.. the ones on the forums show a flashback of Shinichi and Ran? ._.
  2. Just noticed that. So I guess.. he was revealed ---- however his first appearance was later on...
  3. Well.. it's already known who Rum is now... not going to spoil it here.. XD
  4. Here's what got me! (End of Chapter 920) Anyone have the translation for this last page of Chapter 920?
  5. It looks like to me that there's some people knowing Conan's games (Seeing how the Nagano Police District seem to aquire lots of help from Conan, as if depending on him in some way) and how the Sleeping Koguro actually gets the job done. This seems a bit worrisome though. That would mean if the man with the artificial eye is the 1st Division, it's possible that he'll find out that Conan is not an ordinary kid but a pretty smart one with that too since I'm feeling that who I think is RUM is one who knows how to deduce at a very well speed, however, it doesn't mean he isn't good at making false deductions on purpose. We could see this as Hyoue Kuroda and Yamato both have some kind of past that makes them know what they've done in the past. So in Hyoue's perspective he's trying to put the blame on Yamato for a good opportunity to put blame the murders that wasn't his. Hyoue however knows who actually committed the murders possibly. This also adds that Yamato must have done something before he got a scar years ago causing the reason why Hyoue believes he's the murderer. ... but I'm not entirely sure. I just look at the raw pictures based on how the characters act and their behaviors are amongst one another. (Then I wait till they are translated so I can be sure I'm right)
  6. To those who may find this strange but I have a feeling that the mother of Masumi Sera is no other than Vermouth herself. Of course.. I can be wrong. That would mean that Vermouth and the Boss of the Black Organization had some sort of affair. That's the reasoning why there is a Vermouth look-a-like that Masumi claims to call her sister. And based on Vermouth, there's no way she could have health conditions of ever being turned into a child nor could she ever take the pill to look younger. So my answer --- Masumi is the older sister of this mysterious girl and the daughter of Vermouth; someone who was from America who now is in Japan. Apparently the Akai family has some ties with the FBI and the Black Organization. Now the deduction comes in : 1. The conflict between Akai and the Black Organization 2. Vermouth later on took the pill ever since she saw Haibara as a little girl; but the pills don't exist anymore I think The Mysterious Girl is another Victim and may be related to Vermouth but I am not entirely sure though. She claims to be the Sister (cousin) from another Family Bloodline (Domain) of Shuichi Kudo, however it is not 100% sure. Just found out in Episode of Detective Conan XD
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