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  1. Welcome to DCW. Enjoy:)
  2. I found out my lost textbook.
  3. Welcome to DCW. See you around.
  4. I have to submit my assignment tomorrow which I haven't started.
  5. Amerikan Idiot - Wake me up when September ends
  6. Namaste! I am an Indian too. I also now use to watch subbed DC.
  7. Aditi


    I want to ask two questions. 1-How many Indian fans are in DCW? 2-If you are, can you tell first few lines of hindi closing theme song?
  8. Aditi

    the school

    School is not boring .In my opinion,it is the first stage for an adventure.We get a chance to learn many things.We face new challenges.But it is full of stress and trying.
  9. Hi everyone.

    1. anonymously anonymous
    2. Moonlit Flower

      Moonlit Flower

      Hello Aditi! Welcome to Detective Conan World! ^-^!

    3. Aditi


      Thanks all of you for your kind replies.

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