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  1. Mechanics, why not go inside my brain! for a change..

  2. Yeah.. This is what he always say.. Although we have never seen him.. And if Heiji comes out be Anokata, who will Kazuha end up with?
  3. Its very dark.. Unlike his mom and dad..
  4. Just hoping my test series don't come in middle of my plans.. T_T

  5. I have always had a feeling that Hattori Heiji is Anokata.. His skin color.. The way he spoke English.. The way he entered the series (searching for Kudo).. But then, I don't think its possible.. *sigh*
  6. Helloh everyone..I am Reimei.. I have been DC fan since my childhood and I would love to be a part of this forum.! Pleased to meet to you all..
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