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  1. So they waited that long to set her a trap? It's kinda strange, why didn't they capture her way sooner. I mean, she was sitting in the same bus with 2 top FBI agents in The Mysterious Passenger episodes.
  2. In Episode 227: The Battle Game Trap (Part 2), Jodie says at the end talking in the phone that she found one of the targets who has changed his/her identity and is now going to school, and said to call her "Rotten Apple" for now. She's clearly talking about Vermouth who changed her identity to Dr. Araide, Ran's school doctor. Why she didn't do anything after that, like setting a trap to capture her or something, or am I missing something?
  3. sorry, just saw your reply. I'll PM him now.
  4. The Wiki isn't even mobile friendly, and you're expecting a mobile app!
  5. It won't. Can you contact Maurice about this?
  6. No, I'm on Chrome for Windows Can't you install it? I think it's necessary, especially for creating redirects.
  7. I wonder why the Wiki markup box isn't available in DCW Wiki for me? how can I enable it? This is what I'm talking about:
  8. Your idea seems better, about the numbers can't we add them as a captions to the images. Or instead of the numbers we can write a brief description as a caption. For example: *Across from Etsuto Murobashi is a single gunshot hole in the couch. Sera could see it by looking in the door. Satoru Andou asked Murobashi to fire this shot so his gun would look used. And write a caption under the image "the gunshot hole"?
  9. It's not important if it is being used much or not, the important thing is we have the templates. This way anybody who wants to improve the articles can use it. It's like the summary box. Not every episode have a summary, but the box is still there. About copying ideas, I can't say I agree with you. First, we're trying to make a good wiki and every idea is acceptable (even if it isn't ours, we're not stealing). Second, It's just too simple to call it an idea. It's only a box with text and images. We already have an evidence section in the resoloution, it just lacks the images.
  10. The contributor is awesome. I wish he had come to contribute to this wiki also.
  11. That's strange; why did they take the mobile site down? Waiting for a moderator to explain
  12. Today I found closed DC wiki called onetruthprevails. they have article for the first episode only, and they have (IMO) an awesome crime scene template. Take a look. Why don't we make a template like that?
  13. As I said, some people here are awesome
  14. 0-Gulf Arabic (99% of people consider this a dialect although there is a big difference between it and Modern Standard Arabic, and it's listed as an individual language in ISO 639-2) 1-Modern Standard Arabic (learnt it through school and dubbed anime) 2-English (learnt it at school) 3-Persian (I go to Iran a lot, not perfect though) I can read Kana and some basic Kanji. Have to say, some people here are awesome!
  15. I wonder why DCW Wiki doesn't have a mobile-friendly site like Wikipedia mobile's site? It'll help a lot when editing from mobile...
  16. al-mousawi


    سناوفليك وكودو ران-سان... عمل رائع
  17. Akai is an important character, he is appearing in M18 so I'll vote for him.
  18. Hello, I wonder why I can't use AWB with this website? it gives me "the password you provided is incorrect".
  19. Will if I remember correctly, Kogoro and his family were travelling and they meet another travellers, and then after they know he is the famous detective one of them ask him to talk about his cases..
  20. I'm looking for the episode in which somebody asks Kogoro to talk about his cases but he replys with something like I don't remember how or when I solve them.. Thanks
  21. Does anyone have the fan-made 2 parts videos in which Kogoro Mouri gets arrested for child abuse? It was on YouTube but it is now removed.
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