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  1. Warning: Before you read the fanfiction I made, remember this has to deal with the AFTERMATH of the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case and the return of Narumi Asai, who died in the episode as much as we all remember in Episode 12. This also contains magical stuffies and is supposed to be a Webcomic, but I'll start with the basic: Typing. Thank you. (o: ----- PROLOGUE: Spinning Where am I? What's going on? The world spinned round and round. His head was racing hard. He tried to stand up, but he fell. His eyes remained closed. And the noises still raged around him. His thought remained on his head. What happened to him? And why is he not dead yet? He didn't expect THIS to happen. He was supposed to kill himself, not thrown out of the Community Center and watch another person burn to death. He kept feeling dizzy as he stood still on the ground... Doing nothing with his limp body. Then the noises stopped. All the noises he heard. The scream of the person who became a crisp, the fire that was supposed to kill him, and the final movement of Moonlight Sonata... All gone. But all he can hear is the sound of morning rain. Narumi slowly opened his eyes, which slowly came from blurry to normal vision... Only on his left eye... He slowly looked at the room as he awakened from his nightmare. He was in the hospital. How great. After trying to avenge his dad's death and trying to kill himself, he still seems to be living in this world. How honorable of him to live anyway... He gave out a sigh as he looked at the mirror. He was surprised. His right eye doesn't seem to be moving anymore. It was all patched and sewed up while the iris cannot do anything anymore. All it can do is nothing but make the doctor look like a zombie. It may be from getting hit by a nearby tree's branches. He remembered the horrific moment as he watched the blood spill from his eye... And he realized... He was half-dead. And half-blind too. "Just how the hell do you make yourself look half-dead?" He cringed with a perplexed face, "That's impossible. I was supposed to kill myself... But who was that person? Why would that person commit suicide?" He then slowly looked at a near desk. There was a letter for him. He picked it up. And he was in shock. He read: Dear Seiji Asou, I am now gone to be with my father. You seem to come a long way than anyone ever did ever since your father died years ago. I didn't know this until now. I didn't want you to go and burn yourself. So I am going to risk my life for you. We have been childhood friends ever since. And I was intersested to your character and personality. You always had a love for music, while for me? Ha! I was into fashion, money, and power. Like I said, I will watch you forever in the skies. And I will be happy to watch you live the rest of your days as a doctor. Farewell, for I am now dead forever into ashes. With love, Reiko Kuroiwa Narumi stopped reading it and looked at his reflection again. His only friend he ever knew is gone. Dead forever. Gone away. He wanted to cry, but all he got from his right eye was blood... The blood of those fou- No... Five... He didn't have to watch her disappear to hell... He didn't have to! They could have both died together. That way, they would be in heaven like Yin and Yang... Kindness and Lust... Love and Hatred... He cannot sit here anymore... He must take action! But how, with the little detective near his way? "I'm not going to show him I'm alive..." He grinned, "I'm going to prove I'm alive." He looked at the morning sun as it flashed on to him... "And I know just how to do it..."
  2. ...Dats alot of Conan. <3

  3. That's kinda cool! You know, I always wondered how to use the code to show a video like that. But anyway, this is outstanding! Keep it up!
  4. I put all those stickers on you so you can 'sleep' while you're at it. A TV Screen.
  5. I know. I am trying really hard to improve, but the talented art gets the best of me. Anyhows~ Here's more. 1.) More Jimmison. This was done on MS Paint. I feel kinda proud for this because I was inspired by a game called Portal. The game was magnificent. So I decided to draw Shinichi in a way Tim Burton would somewhat do. :/ 2.) Autumn / Korudo Tosho [コルド としょ] This is one of my Detective Conan OCs named Autumn. She is an exiled member of the Black Organization and she is 36 years old. Here Zodiac is a Virgo and her birthday is in September 9th. She is the enemy of Vermouth and plans to KILL her by joining another syndicate unknown to them. The reason of her chipped ear because she tried to murder Vodka for picking on her when he didn't mean it, but Vermouth shot her three times while they fought. She is also a novelist for writing horror stories to give people chills. She only did one book that was full of action and adventure.
  6. Are you a guy? :P

    1. Conanlicious


      Nope. I'm a girl. -_-

    2. A L

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      I'm a pony! :D

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      OMG! PONYYYYY! :D I love em'. XD

  7. I'd eat it and not care about it at all. XD And then again, I'd burn your head. A party canon.
  8. Hello there! Thanks! I love your icon and signature! ^^
  9. Thanks! Sorry for not responding. I was very busy with my schoolwork. :/ But still! ^^
  10. I'm abducted by his adorableness. XD I cannot. He's too cute~
  11. Funimation, I thank you for returning my lovely Conan back to life and... Whatever it is that comepletely stupid yet romantic. XD They have stopped dubbing the episode years ago. Why didn't you say the show is still worked on now? Anyway, I'll check it out. I'll see what the hopes are.
  12. Oh! Don't tell me! Haibara just got mad! XD
  13. Haibara is really cute... And hot... And so sexy! XD
  14. So, I am trying my best to get to know the forums now I am reading each guide in the section. I wanted to share my art with you guys too, but yesterday I was scared at first, but I had a chance to have a nice welcome to many. ^^ So then I decided today, why not make a art thread to share your artwork with others? My work is used in GIMP, Paint Tool Sai, MS Paint, and Paint.Net with a mouse and laptop. No tablet or anything else [Though my mom's buying me one on my birthday.] But still, I am talented like many other people. So I'll share mine with all of you. I hope you enjoy it. ^^ 1.) Vermouth Vs. Autumn Yeah. This is one heck of a enormous file, you say. Speaking of gigantic images, this one took me 2 and a half days to do it last year on the last month of 2012. I tried very hard to do Vermouth's lip, but I went all "UGH" because I hate doing people with lipsticks. I mean, I drew my OC Autumn [Give me a message if you want to learn more about her. BTW, she's a girl.] very well, but doing Vermouth was a huge disappointment. I feel sorry for doing this. The mind I have doesn't seem to make things come to life that well. ^^; 2.) ChrysalShin I drew this on paper when I got bored on a Saturday night. I was kinda laughing because I never shipped a human with a pony. Not even once, but little did I know my friends from DeviantArt would be shipping it, too. 3.) Shinichi 'Jimmison Brodson' Kudou I also drew this by accident. I was inspired by a My Little Pony fanfic called Cupcakes, which I would not let you read because it can give you the chills in your sleep. After I was finished reading the fanfic [And watching the episode of MLP called Party of One.], I wanted to draw the 'Pinkamena' version of Shinichi Kudo, which I used to think it was good.... But now I trying to remake this... While school work is in my way. I have tons of more art. I can share more if you like. ^^
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