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  7. Gin

    Favorite Characters?

    I simply adore every single male police officer in Beika City, who all seem to like Officer Sato (: Their thoughts/expressions are so funny, and whenever she's in trouble, the policemen on bikes are usually faster than the cars! :3 They're dedicated!~
  8. Gin

    Where is Everyone From?

    CANADA! Toronto, Ontario~ Huge Raptor fan and ex-Maple Leafs fan xD
  9. This is pretty sick~! Keep up the good work! (Y) <--- MSN thumbs up.
  10. Gin

    DC fans! + w +

    Hiya, I'm Rica, also known as Gin here! I'm a 15 year old high school student in Toronto who has recently started watching Detective Conan for summer vacation~ This site is awesome -- cause it's all well-organized I've actually read the manga first , and watched all the movies shortly after. Only a few days ago, I started watching the anime on this site . There seems to be a LOT of episodes, and I was wondering if I should just watch the ones relating to the storyline. Do all you DC fans recommend it? Anyhow, I'm going to enjoy my time at this site! Hope to meet all of ya soon!~ The most energetic member yet, Gin -- Rica!