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  1. Hello people of the world!! XD After months of not being online... I'm online again.. hehe. It's good to be back XD and its good to see the new 'design'/layout (is that what you call it?) of DCW. Thats all :D be happy XD nyahaha

    1. Wildheart888


      Lol~ XD Welcome back! C:

  2. what did you like with him?? are you close with him?

  3. ah.. I see. Your second in your class??? or in english only??? The teachers are still checking our test papers

  4. no!!! *erase* *erase* !!! :x I shouldn't put it XD ..

  5. or maybe, its just a crush???

  6. yeah.. cant help it. I can't stop love XD

  7. ah I see, it's already 25th here... waah!!! ayoko na mag english! XD

    25 na kc dito nawala lang talaga antok ko, 24 pa lng pala dyan? hehe.. tah, maga Noche Buena kayo dyan? (sensya na, nagtagalog na ko) tinamad na mag english

  8. Oh really? XD BTW, How's Christmas there??

    @KeyChain3094: Why are you sad?? :(

  9. I'm also fine.. I thought you're my Filipino friend, but i just noticed you're from Malaysia.. hehe

    and were friends in my previous account.. dont know if you still remember me.. :))

  10. you must be smart...? :)) I think

  11. you must be smart... :))

  12. JGH from our Christmas Party... Finally, it's Christmas break!!! Yehey

  13. doing good also.. I didn't review on our test.. but I think I did good XD

  14. Hi!! Thanks for the birthday greeting.. I'm fine as usual XD btw, how's your exam?

  15. Currently watching MK. That funny moment, when I saw the back of Detective boys at MK episode XD. They're "extras" there XD

  16. Hi!!! Thanks for the birthday greeting!! :)))

  17. gumawa ulit ako ng bago.. ewan ko nga kung ok lang yun XD

  18. hehe.. Rachel pala 'to XD .. alala mo pa diba? hehe

  19. oh, btw.. if you want to reply on a comment on your profile, go to the person's profile then comment.. hehe

    So, how are you doing now? Thanks for visiting my profile BTW. nice to meet you again!! :))

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