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  1. I see you haven't been on, but we can talk just by leaving comments on one message, like this one. So just leave a comment. ^_^

  2. hi, I've been okay, how have you been?

    1. kfnnapa


      I've been good. PLaying games and working as usual. ^_^

      And we can just talk by commenting. I think its easier and you can do it from your own profile page too. ^_^

  3. Hello. ^_^ How have you been?

  4. 0mG!! I Cann0t blv that you can now findoutwh0 is been Looking at your profile for real!You can easily find0ut who is spying on you at--> http://bit.ly/WVf3WI

  5. ah.. I see. Your second in your class??? or in english only??? The teachers are still checking our test papers

  6. Theres not alot of characters in KWMS to choose from xP But I really like Usui's mother.

  7. Oh. I forgot. .__. Well, she did like them especially vulpix, it was her second pokemon card.

  8. my exam results were: english - 80% (I was 2nd in my class), maths - 45% (I am terrible at maths), science - 63%, history - 59%, geography - 77%, spanish - 86%, HE - 67%, RE - 81%, music - 83%, technology - 88% & art - 61%, btw does your school make you have exams this time of year? if your school does exams this time of year, how did you do in them? and also, sorry for not replying for so ...

    1. happy kid

      happy kid

      Hi.. Vacation is near.. hehe. I did just okay with my tests

  9. you told me about the cross stitches in the comment you made on my profile on the 28 of November

  10. my favourite character is also Misaki

  11. Oh, in KWMS it would be definitely Igarashi Tora--No I'm kidding its Misaki. How about you?

  12. Did you just read about it or did you see the pictures of the cross stitches?

  13. She's.... complicated right now. We were together but stopped, and now well.. I like her and she likes me still just as much, but.. yeah. We aren't together, at least not right now.

    So from the three you chose... she's all three.

  14. I was viewing random videos on youtube and found one I thought was funny, here is the URL for it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=AIeZLqfSwzc&NR=1

    1. Diamond


      Still not as funny as this video:


      By the way, Heiji is the best dancer :P Shinchi kudo couldn't dance xD

    2. Wildheart888



    3. ShinRan1742


      Hahahahahaha!!!! Funny and very cute ♥!

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