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  1. sure :) im new here so lets make friend~:D

  2. i'm newbie~ lets make friend :)

    1. Ren-kun
    2. Wicky


      Heydere noob! :D Can you be my frriiieeennnndd?~

  3. nice to know you cin-chan~;)

  4. sure!~:D nice to know you:D what should I call u?

  5. Sure!~:D what should I call u?

  6. miyanoshi

    hi minna-san^.^v

    hi minna-san^.^v let me introduce my self, i'm 14 years old girl who interest with conan <3 call me fi! i have been read this manga since at elementary school and after long time i fall in love with conan <3 :grin: by the way I'm a newbie here I First time ever to join forum and I feel so weird please give me some advise. hope we can be friend :-P
  7. miyanoshi

    hi minna-san^.^v

    sure thanks :grin: